Offering you the best Document Shredding OKC service. We here at American document shredding or our on-site shredding service with the experience to give you the protection that you needed for your document destruction. Following the laws and regulations. we have the highest experience and most reviewed Trading Company in Tulsa. we will be able to shred all of your papers and hard drives. will be able to come on-site to destruct your documents. And all of our employees are NAID certified and must pass background checks that are continuous. they are in depth screening security traces. We are here to protect our employees as much as we are here to protect our customers. We all have to be certified and comply with the law.

There are many reasons why you should shred your documents and hard drives. An estimated $100 billion a year is lost to information thieves. There is no law against dumpster diving. Upon standard disposal of documents for your company, lose his claims to its privacy. all businesses have confidential information that requires shredding. and then choosing not to shred can potentially cost you new clients and revenue in the future. legally it is a good choice to go by the laws and regulations for Document Shredding OKC of all your documents and hard drives. We abide by all laws and regulations for your document shredding. offering Commercial Services and residential shredding we are here to accommodate any of your shredding needs.

All of the training materials that we have picked up from our customers are safely recycled. I’m sure the material is not offered to farmers, or anybody else needing paper shreds. we are securely saving identities and keeping businesses safe from competitors which is identity theft. We are offering you the best Document Shredding OKC service. With the best team on our backs and the highest quality shredding trucks, we are able to take on any job no matter how big or how many documents you have. We are here to check on any project to make sure that your business is running smoothly. since 2005 we have been the leading on-site document destruction service in Oklahoma. we are a certified assuring company and we have the whitest network of trucks and services in order to make sure that all of your shredding needs are taken care of.

American document shredding is an onsite shredding surface that is experienced with the highest and most reviewed Trading Companies and both of them. we are AAA certified and we have helped many companies that you are familiar with such as Osage casino, St Francis hospital, Fox 23, AAA insurance, news 9. and many more. we are offering paper shredding and hard drive destruction. we are a no-brainer service. just have the documents and hard drives ready for us to try it and we will do all the lifting to our trucks when we get there. we invite you to stand and watch all of your documents get shredded on-site or if you don’t want to you don’t have to. You can let us shred it and you forget it.

Let us shred it and you forget it, for your free quote and to get scheduled for your first month of shredding for just $1 by calling us today at 918-770-5606Or you can fill out a form online and one of our friendly staff members will reach out to you shortly by visiting us at

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Why would you use us instead of your own shutter, the investment you will need to make shredding equipment, the sensitive information such as your employees should not have access to the sensitive information. the legal responsibility of your organization to shred and monitor data knowing it is in compliance with all laws. the qualifications of who will tread your office materials. are they certified? you’ll be able to dramatically lower prices as compared to any in-house shredding. and how shredding requires equipment, labor, space, maintenance, and an increase in all of your utility bills and Disposal costs. with American Document Shredding OKC we can come to you and throw it all in our trucks and shred it right then and there. Quickly.

We’ll be able to enhance your security by helping you shred all of your documents. we have consistent and reliable shredding practices that we follow. and all of the information is protected and in compliance with all regulations. we understand that a day-to-day function of a business will produce large amounts of information that can be used against your business and its competitors. we will be able to ensure that your documents are properly protected and an easy and affordable way. Giving you the best service when it comes to your Document Shredding OKC.

We pride ourselves on making sure our customers are protected and making sure your Document Shredding OKC is effective and protected by the regulations and disposed of properly. we extract any office paper that might have any information on it that can be used by identity thieves. recycling companies are not responsible for the information contained in any discarded material. we are giving a proven away that it works. we shred it and then we give it to the recycling company. paper is given away or sold and in doing so you can give up the right to its control.

We help you get back in control of your documentation with your personal information on it. there are reasons why you should shred your documents and why you should just not recycle your own paper. and the event end of an audit or litigation this could be a legal necessity that your documents are not thrown away whole. if something of a private nature goes to the surface this would be an insecure process on the company’s end that could be interpreted as negligence.

For more information about how we can help you with no hidden fees and get your first month for just $1 please contact our friendly staff members today at 918-770-5606.Fill out a formal online today for one of our friendly staff members to reach out to you as soon as possible by visiting our website at