Frequently Asked Questions


There are a number of factors to consider before shredding documents in your own facility:

  • The investment you will need to make in shredding equipment
  • The sensitivity of the information; employees should not have access to sensitive information
  • The legal responsibility of your organization to shred and monitor data in compliance with laws
  • The qualifications of those who will shred office materials
  • Dramatically lower prices as compared to in-house shredding
  • In-house shredding requires equipment, labor, space, maintenance, increased utility bills, and disposal costs
  • Enhanced security – A primary weakness of any company is disgruntled or terminated employees
  • Consistent and reliable shredding practices
  • Compliance with Information Protection standards and regulations

The day to day functions of any business will produce large amounts of information that could be used against your business by its competitors.

Using our service is an easy and affordable way to ensure that your documents are properly protected.

Why not just recycle our own paper?

The choice to recycle as a means of information destruction is undesirable from a management perspective, for the following reasons:

  • When extracting scrap office paper, recycling companies do not use screened workers to sort the material under secure conditions.
  • The acceptable paper is stored for indefinite periods until there is enough of a particular type to process. This still intact paper is then sold to the highest bidder.
  • Recycling companies are not responsible for information contained within discarded material.
  • Paper is given away or sold and, in doing so, you give up the right to its control.
  • There are no practical means of establishing the exact date of a record’s destruction date.
  • In the event of an audit or litigation, this could be a legal necessity.
  • If something of a private nature does surface, this unsecure process could be interpreted as negligent.

How does your business charge for services?

The number of containers you request are provided for your use at no charge.

On your requested schedule (daily, weekly, monthly), we’ll arrive at your location and destroy the contents of all containers.

  • Full containers are charged the “full container” rate
  • Half-full containers are charged as half
  • Empty containers incur no charge.

There are NO other charges often seen in our competitor’s rates, such as:

  • Fuel surcharges
  • Trip charges
  • Off-schedule charges

Why is it priced per container?

Container pricing is the fairest way to price our services.

  • By estimating potential costs, it is virtually impossible for our customers to “guess” at how much their materials would weigh.
  • Per-box pricing is also not good practice. To quote a per-box price, a shredding company must assume all boxes are full.
  • Time-based fees open the potential for added cost to the client. ineffective methods will become the expense of the customer.

Over two decades of experience has provided industry feedback that proves charging by the container is the most fair approach, particularly since all containers are pro-rated. This allows for flat and reasonable rates for you.

Can we keep our boxes?

Yes, or we can recycle them. Let our office know when to schedule.

Do you provide collection containers?


We provide the size and type of containers that will best suit your volume and your needs, free of charge.

Do your containers have locks on them?

Yes, locking containers are recommended.

However, if you need containers without locks we can provide you with those also.

What happens if our container is full before the scheduled service time?

Just call us and we will come out early. You will not be charged a “special trip” charge.

What is your lead time?

Depending on the size of the job, we can sometimes get to you the same day you call in.

Most jobs are usually no more than two days.

Do we need to sort anything?

No prep work is necessary.

You do not need to remove paper clips, rubber bands, staples, binder clips or any other type of fasteners.

Can I watch my materials being destroyed?


You are welcome to witness the entire process at your location, or our facility.

Do you take the shredded paper away?


We recycle 100% of the shredded paper, saving thousands of trees per year.

We have files to be shredded, but need to sort through them. Do you have any containers that we can use?


We can drop off as many containers as you will need to sort your files.

How do you ensure our security?

We are NAID AAA Certified (National Association for Information Destruction) and we go to great lengths to provide the highest level of security in the industry.

We conduct ongoing, thorough background checks and drug screenings for all of our personnel.

In addition, all personnel will always arrive at your location wearing company uniforms.

Do you issue a certificate of destruction?


A Certificate of Destruction certifying the date your materials were destroyed is provided with all of our services.

What if I only need a one-time pickup?

We service many clients who use us just once as well as companies who need us to shred regularly.

Can you destroy my hard drives?


We destroy all forms of hard drives.

Do we need to pay upon completion or will you send a bill?

Whichever is more convenient for your budgetary needs.

Can you coordinate shredding service for out of state locations?


Our IPSA National Contract Team can consolidate your company’s shredding needs nationwide with a single point of contact.