If you want serious document shredding OKC services the make she go and see us here at American Document Shredding directly, skip all the others. Save yourself some time and just come directly to us because we are without a doubt the best in it comes to document shredding OKC and Tulsa. There are several reasons that we are better than the competition when it comes document training that we can get to in a minute, but we want to make it clear that this is not just our opinion, we have hired more reviews than anybody else in Tulsa Oklahoma City whenever it comes to document shredding. When it comes to any document shredding or storage device destruction, then we wipe up the competition with what we can provide here.

First of all as the premier document shredding OKC service, we have achieved the status because not only do we take safety and security of the documents and information that we pick up super seriously, but we also make sure that we provide the highest quality customer service to match. When it comes to convenience, and relationships and making sure that you have everything you need to make sure that your paper shredding and document shredding are hasslefree, and the convenient, we will go out of our way and above and beyond. We make sure that we schedule the most convenient time for pickup, and we have five shredding truck to ensure that we can shred on-site so you don’t have to worry about what happened between the there in here. We shred the documents on site and then take them back to our warehouse in either Oklahoma City or Tulsa.

We also take security for our document shredding OKC seriously than the majority of the players out there today. First of all as a company we are certified with NAID which is the national Association for information destruction, and printer our employees are also certified individually with NAID policies and procedures, and in addition to that we make sure that we go one step further and make sure that we run continuous background checks, security traces the verification process on our employees on a regular basis. That way we can sure that we had the most reputable trustworthy diligent people handling any of your information.

You can also feel good about the fact that we provide an incentive for new customers sign up for continuous service because he will get your first month service with us for just one dollar. That’s a great value that is hard to pass up, and in addition to that you can feel good about the fact that we take care the environment because all of the documents in the paper that we shred gets sent directly to a recycling center to be pulled and turned into recycle paper.

If the brief reasons we discussed here enough for you to understand why we are the best in Tulsa and Oklahoma City when it comes document shredding, the make she get touch with us by calling us now for an estimate at 918-770-5606 or you go directly to our website at weshredonsite.com find more information first before you decide to give us a call with any questions comments or concerns.

Document Shredding Okc | The American Document Shredding Experience

If you have elected to sign up for document shredding OKC services, and you’re trying to figure out which company is going to be the best fit for you, then we would like to encourage you to see we had offer here at American Document Shredding. When it comes to experiencing the American Document Shredding services, we are here to make sure that we not only provide you high quality safety and security measures for your information, make sure they get disposed of properly and without being compromised but we also want to make sure that we look at it is more than a transaction we developed relationships with all of our clients to provide the best possible customer service and most convenience for you at the same time.

So if you’re wondering what our document shredding OKC experience may be like we want to give you a rundown of what we do and how we do it. When it comes to using our services, we are going to schedule a convenient time for you in our five shredding trucks routines to come by your address pick up your documents or sensitive information and shredded on site. This way you not to worry about being take your site in question, pick it up right in shred right commercial shredding trucks. Everything back to our warehouse either in Tulsa or Oklahoma City depending on your location, and then we bail it ship it to a recycling center where gets pulped and turned back into recycled

In addition to typical document shredding OKC services we also residential as well as commercial, they can receive the same services to get on the residential level, and only if you just call make an appointment to the into our route at the best time, and you can also like to bring up by a drop-off in person if you prefer. In addition that we make sure that we follow all NAID policies. We are need certified which is the national Association for information destruction, and all of our employees are individually certified as well. You can feel good about the fact that all of our individuals that work for us, which is seven total, are all collectively certified themselves in policies and procedures, as well as in our own company standards, and their continuously vetted with background checks, social security traces and other forms of verification.

So in short what you can expect training companies fact that we provide effective, efficient safe secure and convenient paper shredding and customer service. We can also provide consulting services if you need risk of facility assessment, or any training on policies and procedures for your staff as well as be a will to provide security bins well.

If you’re interested in what we bring to the table to take to get touch with us by calling us at the number you go directly to the website at weshredonsite.com we can find all the information about us that we provided here and more to help you make up your mind and if you have any more questions comments or concerns or to set up an estimate/consultation the make sure you give us call at any time.