Document Shredding Tulsa | Finding a way to get rid of important files and papers

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Did you know that $100 billion is lost to information thieves? Currently there is no law on dumpster diving, which makes it extremely easy for anyone to be able to get old of some of your most important documents and files in no time at all. That is why with American document shredding you will be able to find the right document shredding Tulsa area company who truly has the interest of yourself and your company at heart. We go above and beyond for each of our clients to ensure that they feel safer knowing that there important documents and files are taken care of.

Our team arrived on site and provides you on-site sharding and deconstruction of hard drives. We also offer your first month of sharding for just one dollar. This allows you to see exactly what our team is capable of and how we can handle any type of sharding job or high hard drive deconstruction needs you may have. When it comes to finding the right shredding company, we guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the team here at American document shredding.

Our team has been serving many since 2005 around Tulsa in the OKC area. However, our team has over 20 years of experience within the industry. We are passionate about recycling all materials that are sharded or deconstructed to help the environment. You can feel safe knowing that our team is the trusted and certified by NAID. We are the go to document shredding Tulsa area company that truly has the interest of yourself and your company at heart. No matter what type of shredding services you may be searching for, our team can give you the highest quality services that you truly deserve and arrive on site to continue having your business run as smoothly as possible.

You may ask what type of files you should be shredding, which can be any type of important files, records, pay stubs, client place, patient records, and even business plans. We also offer services to deconstruct any type of hard drives you may have as well. When it comes to going above and beyond for our clients, we guarantee that you will find no better document shredding Tulsa company than American document sharding. When you don’t shred, you risk losing you client and even an exponential amount of revenue.

Head over to our website today at to learn more about the services that we can provide for you as well as the different testimonials from clients who love our services and have found true results from working with us. For any additional information or questions that you may have, give us a call today at 918.770.5606. For just one dollar for your first month, it is time to allow the team at American document shredding to take care of all of your shredding and hard drive deconstruction needs.