Document Shredding Tulsa | Destroy Your Old Papers Safely

You probably worked with a regular office shredder at some point, right? You state the paper in, and you are given a pile of confetti. It’s kind of fun to watch, honestly. The problem is, though, that standard office shredders are not able to effectively destroy a document enough to where it cannot be reconstructed. In other words, if someone really want to take a look at what that piece of paper had to say, it would take a lot of work for them to piece it back together like a puzzle. So, if you’re treading papers for a company that has documents with sensitive information on them, you’re going to want to do more than just send them through regular office shredder. You want to want to look into Document Shredding Tulsa with a company that you can trust to destroy the papers efficiently and effectively.

When this sort of dilemma presented itself to you, when you have a backlog of thousands of pounds of paper that needs to be destroyed, you should look into American Document Shredding, the premier Document Shredding Tulsa company. As a company certified by the NIAID, American Document Shredding is committed to making sure that every document they take care of is destroyed properly so that no information can be stolen. They also work hard to make sure that everything is done efficiently and cost-effectively.

Whether you send your papers to American Document Shredding or ask them to come to you to take care of your papers, you will be amazed at the efficiency with which they work. Their superb paper shredders are able to take care of 35,000 pounds of paper in a single hour. I think it’s safe to say that most companies are going to be will get all of their backlog taken care of in just an hour. So, you know that if you want things to be done quickly, efficiently, and safely, you should take your Document Shredding Tulsa into American Document Shredding.

There’s more, though. If you are new to working with American Document Shredding, you can receive your first month of paper shredding for one dollar. That’s more than enough time to get any amount of paper that you have completely shredded. And there is no catch. American Document Shredding does not require you to enter into a contract with them in order to make use of this offer. In fact, they never force their customers to get into any sort of contract ever. They pride themselves on being an as-needed company. So, if you want to get all your documents taken care of and then wait for several months to get anything else done, that’s totally fine.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this incredible offer, give American Document Shredding a call at 918-770-5606 or visit their website, You will find that this is the best service that you could ask for in order to get rid of any of your documentation. Get shredded with American Document Shredding!