Document Shredding Tulsa | What Makes American Document Shredding Different?

If you’re looking for document shredding Tulsa from a company that can provide you with something little bit better or little bit different than anybody else, and you want to make she go to American Document Shredding. There’s a company started thousand five and we began this company because we specifically saw need in the Tulsa area for a American Document Shredding that provide a more personal shredding service because most companies were missing a great service touch to the document sharing business and both Tulsa and Oklahoma City that’s where we started, and yet that is what made us unique to begin with. We now have seven employees, five shredding trucks in a warehouse book Tulsa and Oklahoma City we are trusted by companies like St. Francis Hospital, Osage Casino and even AAA insurance today. We’ve also been featured on the Channel 6 news and the Channel 9 news among other sources.

Now we have developed into a company that provides other you can expect to what we do, for document shredding Tulsa needs. In addition to our incredible customer service touch, we also make sure that we have the widest network of trucks and services to accommodate you anywhere in Tulsa or Oklahoma City. Provide on-site pickup and shredding and provide the most convenient try to pick up time for you as well. Yours a confidential secure document destruction and we can even help you with your registration procedures, data disintegration equipment and physical destruction of the hardware to ensure that all your information is safe and secure and properly disposed of. We also set ourselves apart by making sure that we can also offer you compliance consulting small. As experts in the field of document shredding and security and information security, we can help you in your facilities with risk assessment facility strategy, complaint development, training and education. We can also provide you with secured bins with multiple options for your needs.

Also we like to make sure that we go above and beyond years of being entirely need certified here which is the national Association, all of our employees are need certified as well use background checks, social security traces and other screenings on a regular basis comes to your information security, we don’t mess around, and we make sure that we are strict with your and make sure that is properly disposed of and never compromised with our incredible document shredding Tulsa services.

We also go above Dominic comes to social responsibility because all the documents that we should I go back to our warehouse to be bailed and then they are taking to a recycling center to be pulped and recycled into recycled paper to make sure that we stay socially responsible and on top of that, if you sign up for continuous service with us, you’ll get our first month of service for just one dollar.

The thrill no-brainer and if you’re just and what we can do for you then don’t hesitate to get touch that we can provide you with hands-down the best training services in Tulsa or Oakland city calling us at 918-770-5606 or going directly to our website at