The most fantastic place to find Document Shredding Tulsa is at American document shredding Located at 7254 East 38th Street Tulsa Oklahoma 74145. truly this facility provides the most secure procedures for disposing of any documents or materials that may have private information for you, your employees or your family members as we offer both commercial and residential shredding. You may not know but there are several laws in place that legally require commercial businesses to protect their information, their client’s information and their employees information by securely disposing of certain materials and documents. So it is just definitely important to be familiar with your local shredding company that will even allow you to witness the destruction of your materials.

Those who like to shred their own documents should probably keep in mind that Document Shredding Tulsa can be found in dumpsters as dumpster diving is not illegal. Yes you heard that correctly your credit card number, birthday and social security number left on the paper in the bin last night that you thought was securie due to shredding is not because someone can grab that and put it together. Which of course is a feeling of that information can cost you plenty of time, money and energy to fix after the repercussions to follow.

If you do prefer to complete Document Shredding Tulsa in the comfort of your own home we can actually come to you and complete the service in front of you or we can allow you to use our equipment in order to securely shred your materials. Don’t worry we will still securely dispose and completely destroy these materials via a secure truck to a recycling facility in which your documents or materials will be recycled into paper matter. Go ahead and protect yourself and help our environment at the same time! You can even review our process in person at one of our facilities to personally witness your documents or materials being shredded.

Of course a major question anyone has for any type of service that they request from someone is how much does it cost? If you want to know then we can definitely tell you we have a minimum stop of $50 which allows you to shred up to approximately 200 pounds For residential customers. Now with this you will be built into a normal route where we will come to you on a specific day. There are no surcharges or hidden fees so don’t worry. All the information that I have discussed in this article can definitely be reviewed on our website at as well.

We want to keep your family or your company safe today so go ahead and give us a call at 918-770-5606 or email us for a quote today you can contact us via our email submission form on our website at as well. Please keep in mind that residential accounts are by appointment only so please give us a call if you are a residential person and want to schedule a drop off or pick up!