Do you need help to Find Paper Shredding in Tulsa? Look no further, American document shredding is here and ready to serve you. Will not find a better shredding company that is going to go above and beyond exceeding your expectations making sure that you were very well taken care of and your information is kept safe and private during the process. We can assist you and all of your shredding needs. We can shred up to 35,000 pounds of paper in just one hour. Our state of the art trucks are ready to take on your documents no matter how big or small.!

We can assist you in your Find Paper Shredding in Tulsa, American document shredding is here to make sure you experience what it’s like to work with one of the most recent companies. We are the highest rated and most reviewed shredding company in all of Tulsa. We offer more than just shredding services.,, Or even a warehouse today would look forward to being of service to you and getting your shredding needs taken care of. If you are unfamiliar with it, we would be more than happy to guide you through the shredding process and showing things should properly be done.

Our company is certified and ready to take care of you. We are one of the only shredding companies that is certified through the national association for information destruction. We will never offer you a service that is not certified in every service we complete when it comes to your needs, we will give you a certificate of completion, letting you know that your documents were shredded and taken care of properly by being put into a tamper proof while they are being transported back to our facility. We would love to make sure that you Find Paper Shredding in Tulsa!

You’re not gonna Find Paper Shredding in Tulsa like the way we do it. Our founder worked in a paper shredding shop prior to opening his own business. We are here to strive and make sure our community is keeping their important documentation and paperwork safe. Our company has been open since 2005 and we don’t plan on closing or anytime soon as the shredding services and all of Tulsa and even at our other location in OKC. We look forward to helping you

If you’re ready to schedule your first month to give us a call, we would love to help 918-770-5606! Don’t miss out on a great company with even better team members who are going to give you a safe, easy comfortable experience. We only hired the absolute best and did multiple background checks . We know that if we feel safe with letting them shred your paperwork, you should also. You can visit our website at

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Do you have documentation that you have kept around for years that you no longer need but worried about shredding it on your own or taking it somewhere to have it shredded. Well, let us help Find Paper Shredding in Tulsa you can truly trust in. American document shredding is here to handle all of your needs when it comes to shredding. We want to help you and experience how great our company is. That is why we were offering the first month of sharding for only one dollar. How great is it that you get to experience what it’s like to work with a high rated and most reviewed company.

We are open from 7 AM to 3 PM Monday through Thursday and want to make sure that we are able to help and take care of you anyway possible whether you were looking for a one time shredding or if you want to be set up on a regular shredding schedule. If you would like to bring your documentation into our facility which we are located at 254 E. 38 Street Tulsa 74145. We would love for you to do so or we are more than happy to send out one of our amazing team members in our state of the art truck where we offer on site shredding. You will not Find Paper Shredding in Tulsa done like this !

We want to help make sure that not only are you getting the safest and most efficient shredding that you are receiving budget friendly shredding. When it comes to Find Paper Shredding in Tulsa it can be pretty or you can even have to be tied into a contract and that is not what we are going to make you do. We would love for you to get your shredding done one time if that’s all you need or if you need reoccurring, we are also making sure that it is budget friendly, we will never have any hidden fees or admin fees. It’s all upfront open as soon as you start

If you’re wondering where it goes into the container and then is transported back to our facility if you choose on site shredding. We then bell it and then take it to a recycling company where your information is completely washed free and the paper is recycled so you are helping the planet Along with keeping your family’s information or even Klein information safe. We can assure you that you will Find Paper Shredding in Tulsa like this. Our customers truly matter and we want the absolute best for you.

Contact us today for consultation. We would love to help you. You can do so at 918-770-5606 or feel free to visit our website at If you would like to email for a quote you can also do that which is located on our website. We look forward to chatting with you. We offer residential shredding along with commercial shredding. Both are facility or on site shredding, whatever works better for you. That way you can continue to do what you need to do!