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I know exactly what you’re thinking you are thinking why would I find paper shredding in Tulsa when I could just destroy all of the documents myself? There a lot of things that you need to consider before you started shredding your own documents. Just so much of an investment us to get the correct type of shredding equipment that actually make sure everything is protected and you know how sensitive the information is employees should not have access to your most sensitive information. All of your employees have access to some very serious and incredibly sensitive information is one of the biggest risks to your entire company is first information security goes. The single largest risk is a disgruntled or terminated employees over hundred billion dollars is lost every single year from information thieves don’t let one upset person compromise your entire company.

There’s a huge legal liability for your organization you have to make sure that you monitoring your data compliance and shredding everything in complete accordance with the law. We should think about all the things that sounds a lot easier to just find paper shredding in Tulsa if you want to find the absolute best than just start coming to us at American Document Shredding will be able to take care of everything for you. It’s also can be significantly lower cost you to do is go ahead and have someone else do it then to make the investment in all the appropriate equipment.

When you use us you’ll know that you have a consistent and reliable group of people to do all your shredding for you in the exact right place and he knows that it’s going to be in complete compliance with all of the information protection standards. So just go ahead and choose us at American Document Shredding that way you don’t have to worry about how to find paper shredding in Tulsa ever again. In-house shredding is so much work if you really want to keep in compliance with the law is can be space and labor maintenance you have much bigger utility bills plus your disposal costs way cheaper just use us thanks to the economics of scale.

We understand that the day-to-day actions of your business or to create quite a bit of information that could be used against you by your competitors. Don’t take any unnecessary risks. Just using our services way simpler and much more affordable than trying to handle all of your information destruction yourself make sure that you properly protected and go ahead and use us.

So go ahead check out if you learn more about what we can be able to do for you and your business. Any further questions just call 918-770-5606 would love to get those answered for you. Also make sure that you are figuring out how you’re going to get the first month of shredding services for just one dollar. When you’re working with us your part of the family and we know that we can make sure that you get all the necessary attention and care that you need. Go ahead, the people that you know you can trust start working with American Document Shredding today.

Find paper shredding in Tulsa | it’s time to get shredded yo

The thing that you’re going to love the most when you come and work with American Document Shredding is going that you found a reliable place that has incredible experience and along in a wonder where you need to go to find paper shredding in Tulsa Because you work with us now. We established in 2005 that we have over 20 years of experience in the industry of all the certifications that you could ever want. We are the leading locally owned document destruction company in Oklahoma and really take pride everything that we do want to make sure that were giving you the best possible security. We even have certified bailing methods and of course we recycle all of our materials after the been destroyed so we can do our part for the environment.

Now that you work with American Document Shredding you don’t have to worry about where to find paper shredding in Tulsa and you are going to feel safe and secure. All of our employees are certified by the national Association for information destruction of the past continuous background checks and all sorts of other screenings sort of state with us. We are proud to be a member of the national Association for information destruction and every single one of our practices is based directly off of the national Association for information destruction’s guidelines. So come and work with us we have the experience that shows and we work with the team that you can trust.

Some of our clients that you probably heard of ours the St. Francis Hospital, and of course the news on six they knew exactly where to go and they wanted to find paper shredding in Tulsa they came to us at American Document Shredding. Over the years we have grown pretty substantially we now have five different shred trucks in a warehouse in Tulsa and in Oklahoma City. Over the years we’ve been shopping our skills and making sure that we provide all of our clients with incredibly friendly and timely service. You love the fact that when you work with us you know you’re in great hands with people that could be trusted and will always be there on time and get you all taken care of.

For you and all of your information destruction needs to be able to do all your paper shredding and your hard drive destruction if you need it. Make sure that were always on time and on-site to shred your documents and make sure that your business is running smoothly. We are trusted by many other groups that you’ve heard of such as the Osage Casino and Fox 23 news we’ve and work with AAA insurance all of these great companies trust us and you should too.

Have any further questions? Go to to learn so much more about us we have a bunch information about everything that we do on our website. You can also call 918-770-5606 you have any questions would love to get is answered for you. Whatever else you need we know we can be able to take care for you and make sure you find out how you’re going to get your first month of shredding for just one dollar.