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You love the way that we charge you we keep it so simple can be so much cheaper than any other experience that you ever had. You give you however many containers the request and they provided at no charge you’ll pay zero dollars for the containers that were providing you with. You’re going to set up a schedule and whether that be daily weekly or monthly we will arrive and destroy all the contents in the containers. Our business charges for services and such an awesome way and you are so glad that when you’re trying to find paper shredding in Tulsa you found the dream team at American Document Shredding.

The way that we charge is we have a full container rate, I have full contenders charged is half if you have an empty container we don’t charge anything for it. And that’s it there’s no additional charges there’s no fuel charges is not an extra trip charge is not even in a schedule charge if you need us to come in and pick up stuff earlier labor need to just have us do another day will just come in and get it. We believe that is the first way to go about our business and just charge you for you use the toy you love fusing us here American Document Shredding when you are trying to find paper shredding in Tulsa you should just trust the best.

We would estimate the potential cost is virtually impossible for anyone to guess how much their materials Woodway so don’t even worry about that. We love to do a price per box like so many other companies do but the problem with that is it’s not fair because then we have to assume that all boxes are full and if your containers only half-full why would you pay full price for that. Time-based fees just do not make any sense because any sort of ineffective method or one of our guys have a headache and had to having to move so that they would cost you more so that’s unfair. When you’re ready to work with someone who’s can take care of you and your find paper shredding in Tulsa start working with American Document Shredding we can get it all taken care of for you.

We decided that the most effective way for us to make a profit while not overcharging you for anything that was to go ahead and charge based off of how full the container was. We use two decades of experience and listened to all the industry feedback and we found that that is the best way to approach the situation. All of our containers being prorated allows a great it’s fair and reasonable rate for you. You can even keep your boxes or you can recycle that our office know what you want when you schedule and will get all taken care of.

So go ahead check out today and we will be able to getting all taken care of as quickly as possible. If you have any further questions go until 918-770-5606 would love to get always answered for you. When you’re working with us your part of the family enjoy the American Document Shredding family right away.

Find paper shredding in Tulsa | don’t (just) recycle

When you work with us at American Document Shredding were also going to cycle all of your paper for you after is been properly destroyed. This is much better than just throwing your information into recycling and letting a recycling company handle it for you. Recycling companies do not use screen workers and also do not sort the material under incredibly secure conditions which means that your information could be compromised pretty easily. So you need to go ahead and find paper shredding in Tulsa right away best place for you to do that is with us at American Document Shredding.

Paper taken in by recycling companies is stored and left for an indefinite period of time until is enough of a particular type to go to the recycling process so your information will just sit there and unsafe conditions. Any paper that still intact is just sold to the highest bidders and you really want someone to just sell off your important business information? Of course you don’t and that’s why you can start working with us and you want to worry about where to find paper shredding in Tulsa ever again.

Recycling companies aren’t even responsible for the information contained in your discarded papers so even if you do lose it and get compromised and we know it’s their fault there’s nothing that you can do about it. They have no responsibility and no legal obligation to protect your information. Do you really want to risk letting someone compromise your information and know that they will face no legal ramifications if anything were to happen to it? Of course not that’s where to start working with American Document Shredding and never going to worry about how to find paper shredding in Tulsa because you’re working with the best choice.

The paper that your information is on is give it away and sold so you have absolutely no control over the paper that has all of your important information on it this is just way too much of a security risk. There’s also no will means of establishing the exact date of your records destruction and if you were to get audited or face any sort of litigation this paramount for any possible legal defense. It is something of private nature were to come out in an unsecured process your lack of protection of that information could be seen as lazy or negligent.

So go ahead and get on so that we can certainly that everything that we can be able to do for you today. Have any further questions go ahead call 918-770-5606 get those questions answered for you love taken care of you. When you’re working with us you part of our American Document Shredding family so don’t hesitate to call us and get a quote on the website to get her to get the first month for one dollar. Our team is standing by just waiting to help you so don’t make them wait any longer Searcy the probably get really anxious right now is waiting for you to call them so go ahead and do it please.