We are the most experienced as we were established in 2005 and we have over 20 years of experience. lesbian certified and having the equipment to take on all of your shredding needs. with five trading trucks and a warehouse in Tulsa, we are able to commit to protecting the Vital Information of individuals and families in Oklahoma. we have gained customers such as Saint Francis Hospital, news on the 6th, and many more. we have deep pride in providing the best document shredding and security for our community. all shredding materials are recycled. Find Paper Shredding In Tulsa and in Oklahoma City.

We are a shred-on-site company we can come to you all you have to do is make sure that your documentation and devices are ready. we provide documentation services for a lot of companies who Trust us. we offer on-site document destruction and hard drive destruction. we offer on-site documentation and we also have came up with ways to document non-recyclable items. Also, if you feel more secure about walking out to our truck on-site to see your documents being shredded knowing that you are in good hands, we advise and insist you come to see our cool shredding trucks.

we can come to your house your garage or your facility and we can be able to shred up to 80,000 lb of paper a day. there is no job that is too big. We understand that everybody is going to have that high volume but we can come down to your office for as little as five boxes. Where can you Find Paper Shredding In Tulsa? At American Document Shredding we are here to help you stay protected and feeling secure knowing your information is properly destroyed. We are capable and equip to take on any job no matter how big it is.

Many of our customers value our team members. with us being a small enough company we are able to pay attention to our customer service. we’re efficient, always on time, and will be able to shred no matter what it is. we will take it out whether you have paper clips, rubber bands, or whatever else and there will be able to shut it. We are dependable and we handle ourselves professionally you can Find Paper Shredding In Tulsa And two locations one in Tulsa and one in Oklahoma City. we are years to offer you the best Services for your document shredding. We are excited to help our customers. An Innovative team who is efficient will be able to get the job done. we can provide you a quote over the phone or an email that is customized for your pay for shredding services. we will help you get all of your confidential documents safely and securely destroyed.

We are the best service when you are wanting to protect yourself and the information of others, please call us today and set up your on-site service by calling us at 918-770-5606. For first-time customers that you can get your first month for just $1, you can go to our website and fill out a form online at https://weshredonsite.com/.

Find Paper Shredding in Tulsa | Always in Compliance

For all of your Commercial Services whether you’re needing a hard drive and media destruction, one-time clean outs, or purchase. will be able to abide by any laws and regulations. we also offer residential shredding. it will be able to get you a residential on-site shredding by appointment only. we are an interested and experienced trading company. With over 20 years of experience and a leading local document destruction company in Oklahoma, we are taking pride and providing the best document and device destruction. You can Find Paper Shredding In Tulsa And Oklahoma City to address your locations. We recycle all of the shredding materials to do our part for the environment we are members of the National Association of information destruction and all of our standards and practices are set by our regulators. and we owe by the rules given to us. all of our employees are certified and must have background checks continuously.

We are the most trusted company you can Find Paper Shredding In Tulsa. Turning your documentation is preventing unauthorized access to any personal information. we haven’t obligation to our clients and stakeholders to probably destroy personal information when discarding and transferring ownership of any old computers. we will make sure that all of your documents and devices are probably the destroys on my information can be accessed. the amount of information that has been collected on hard drives is vital that these hard drives are destroyed properly with our on-site and drive shredding service. this is the only way that you can 100% destroy your personal information on your devices or documentation.

You’ll be making the best choice when you choose those. you’ll be happy with knowing that we already know brainer service and we make this an easy process for you. we’ll be able to walk you through the process of knowing that you are getting the right shredding service. we are here for you and we are here to answer all of your questions that you may need. if you have any questions or concerns about the laws and regulations of your facility will be able to help me figure it out. we are in compliance with federal and state laws and we will continue To be in compliance. we are a trusted document shutting company with qualified contractors for hard drive shutting services and document shredding. we want to help protect you and you can Find Paper Shredding In Tulsa at 7254 East 38th Street And in Oklahoma City at 320 North Mick McCormick Avenue.

You will be happy with the services that you received and we have two locations, allowing us to be able to help you with all of your hard drive and media destruction, one-time cleanouts and purchases, and residential shredding. we will make sure that you are in compliance with all the laws and regulations for the safety of our customers and community.

For your documentation and device shredding please give us a call today at 918-770-5606 or you can fill out a form and email us to get your first month of service for just $1 by visiting our website at https://weshredonsite.com/.