Before OKC Disinfecting Services, Kelly work for company called tread on site and then recall for several years. He was one of the youngest managers in the industry. And he took his position very seriously. After three years working in the shredding industry, Kelly was pursued by a business entrepreneur. This businessman wants to start a shredding business. Kelly agreed and in 2005, his dream began. The dream would be named American document shredding LLC.

Right after OKC Disinfecting Services was founded, Kelly married his wife in 2006. They have two beautiful children. In 2012, Kelly decided that he was raised to be the owner of American document shredding LLC. He worked day and night to make America document shredding a well-known shredding company. We have fine-tuned our ability to provide our customers with timely and family services and we have been able to gain customer such as St. Francis Hospital, news on six, and many more. We are proud to be a locally owned and operated company providing the absolute best customer experience when it comes to any and all paper shredding service needs.

OKC Disinfecting Services now has seven employees, five Fred truck, and a warehouse in both Tulsa, Oklahoma and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Kelly and the American dream shredding LLC family are committed to protecting vital information of individuals and families in Oklahoma. And since 2005, we have been the leading on-site document destruction service in the Oklahoma area. We had deep pride in providing the best document control and security for all of our clients. With over 20 years of experience, we strive to stay up-to-date with all AAA certifications through the national Association for information destruction. You can also get a piece of mind knowing that all of our materials are recycled, because doing our part environment is the least that we can do.

We are proud member of the national Association for information destruction. All of our standards and practices are set by the national Association for information destruction and are followed closely by all American document shredding LLC representatives. In all of our employees are national Association for information destruction certified and must pass continuous back contracts, so security traces, drug test, and other in-depth screenings. As a NAID AAA certified training company, we have the widest network of trucks and services in order to accommodate your shredding needs.

Paper shredding, hard drive destruction, and anything in between, we do it all. We arrive on time, and on-site, to shred all of your document to keep your business running smoothly. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime if you have any questions,,, or concerns you can either give us a call at 918-770-5606, check us out on online website define all of our information, services, and so much more. Also, when you schedule your first shredding service, your first service is only one dollar., You get a free consultation to determine which of our secured bins will best fit in your location.

OKC Disinfecting Services

OKC Disinfecting Services is locally owned and AAA on-site certified by the national Association of information destruction. Our services is designed for businesses and individuals who need a purge of their sensible and confidential documents. It does not matter if you have just a few file boxes or an entire warehouse for documents that need to be destroyed, our on-site shred trucks will come to your location and shred all documents quickly and effectively. And unlike our many competitors, we don’t charge fuel surcharges, administration fees, or any other hidden fees for our paper shredding services.

At OKC Disinfecting Services all materials that are shredded are recycled meeting or exceeding the national Association of information destruction AAA certificate guidelines. So sorry to all the farmers that call and I for sure materials and also to the people moving. You know you’re going to call and ask for it. We cannot give your show materials for keeping your cows warm and we can let you use the material to save your grandma’s priceless China. Our paper showing services securely saving identities and keeping businesses safe from their competitors and any other threat.

Upon choosing OKC Disinfecting Services you will have the peace of mind knowing that you will be issued a certificate destruction. This will address the issues of school, where, when, and how of the destruction process. We also have document processes that show where we sin the process remains of the equipment. We also screen all of our employees and do not employ individuals with no criminal history. Our on-site paper showing services is where we come to your office on a regular schedule basis. This is designed for businesses needing confidential versioning services on a weekly, biweekly, every three weeks, every four weeks, every six weeks, every eight weeks, and quarterly. We can also customize a shredding schedule to meet the specific needs of each and every one of our clients. All documents gone to our temp containers and 100% of the documents are destroyed and recycled, safely and securely. You and your business are not only predicted on the day of the shredding, but every day.

Contact us today for your free shredding container and also sign up for a regular scheduled service. Not only will you receive the law container for free, but your first service will only be one dollar. You’ll also receive a free consultation to help determine your document management needs and what type of paper setting services will work best for your business. We will go over container size and placement hoping you would determine what style of container will best fit with your facility size and help with frequencies that you will need service. And if your startup business and not sure how often you’re going to need service, no worries. We can set you up for a call in service for the first time to make sure we get you on the best frequency that fits your business needs.

With our regular paper setting services, our on-site document shredding containers are serviced at regular intervals by our uniform representatives. All of whom have a visible ID badge to ensure the timely destruction of your most sensitive paper shredding needs. Please feel free to call us anytime if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. We are always more than happy to help. You can either give us a call 918-770-5606, or check out our online website to see all of our information and more.