Are you looking for a company that can do Onsite Shredding Tulsa? American document shredding is the best choice for you and your company. We offer one time shredding services that were designed for businesses and individuals who need to do a purge of their sensitive confidential documents. In any case, if you have a few boxes or rooms or even a warehouse of documents that need to be destroyed, our state of the art truck will come to your location and shred all those documents quickly and efficiently. We are locally owned and AAA on site certified by the national Association of information destruction.

We will not provide you with any services that are notNAID AAA certified . We offer Onsite Shredding Tulsa where our trucks can do over 35,000 pounds and just one hour. We have over 20 years of experience and would be more than happy to help your company or even if you’re an individual get rid of that documentation in the proper way. We will always welcome our customers to escort our representatives to the on-site truck to get a first hand look at the destruction of their documents and also take a look around our state of the shredding truck.

We want to make sure that you know documents are properly and put away in tamper proof containers in a secure way where no one will have access to your information. We provide you Onsite Shredding Tulsa and want to make sure that it is still affordable. We don’t have hidden charges along with we don’t require a contract. We are here to help protect your identity and help as many people as we possibly can. Most competitors will have you sign a contract and we do not believe that we can set you up on an account if that is something you would like and need recurring services but will not force to be in a contract .

We can assure you that you will not find betterOnsite Shredding Tulsa. We are the highest rated and most reviewed shredding and all of Tulsa. We care about each and everyone of our customers and their documents being disposed of in the proper way. We can assure you will have the greatest experience when you choose American shredding. To schedule your first appointment with us, whether that is on site or at our facility.

You can visit our website and see that we have to offer at or feel free to give us a call and speak with one of our team members who are ready to help you you can call 187705606 or if you would prefer to come by our facility, we are located at 7254 E. 38th St., Tulsa OK 74145. Let us help you keep that important information safe.

Onsite Shredding Tulsa | Shredding Right Out Your Door

Are you a family owned company and do you work out of your house or maybe even a small pull behind trailer. We offer Onsite Shredding Tulsa, and would love to help you keep all of those important documents safe. We can come to wherever you are located and get those documents shredded while you continue to work. We do offer for you to watch and see exactly how your documentation is shredded on our shredding trucks. We want to make sure that everyone in our community is disposing of that important information. The proper way that is why we will help whoever we possibly can for an affordable price no matter if you are a big employer or a small employer.

It doesn’t have to be a ginormous job for us to visit your location. We are here to help anyway possible and keep that information where it belongs. We offer the absolute best services when it comes to Onsite Shredding Tulsa. We can assure you that you will not find a better company to work with rather than American document charting. You can schedule your first appointment on our website or whatever it is you were looking for. We are currently offering new customers with their first month of shredding being only one dollar which is an amazing price we are here to help.

Want to give you the absolute best pricing out there while giving you top-tier service with outstanding employees who are ready to give you the greatest Onsite Shredding Tulsa possibly. Our customers will always be our main priority without them. We will not be able to do what we do. We would love to have you give us a try. Don’t pass on this amazing opportunity and keep that confidential information. When you choose to give us the chance you will realize just how great we are and why we were at the highest and most reviewed trading company in Tulsa. You need to come on out the see how the shredding will be for you today and see what is right. There’s not anything like what we can deliver to you.

You will never have to question if you chose the best Onsite Shredding Tulsa has to offer because after one experience you want to return to us for any of your shredding needs. We do also offer hard drive destruction and media destruction services for commercial customers .We want to keep all of your information safe no matter if it is on a hard copy or even an old computer you need to get rid of. We can take care of you. We will make sure it is taken care of !

We would love to speak with you and help you along this new journey. Give us a call at 918-770-5606. If you would like to visit our website, you can do so at We have great information Located on our website you can browse around. We are located at 7254 E. 38th St., Tulsa OK 74145 we would love for you to schedule an appointment today and drop off your important documentation if you would prefer that rather than an on-site Shredding service we are here to help you.