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We are NAID certified and we are proud members of the National Association for information destruction. we are a trusted company and we have high standards and practices that we follow closely all of our employees are certified and have past continuous background checks and social security traces, and other depth screenings. We are a shooting company that is established in 2005 in our experience shows that with over 20 years of experience and being certified, we are the leading locally-owned document destruction company. we pride ourselves in proving the best document control and security. we are committed to protecting the Vital Information of individuals and Families. we noticed that there was a problem with not having enough paper shredding companies in Oklahoma. We have found the solution by providing our services.

If you would like to get a consultation today for your shredding services we would love to hear from you by calling our office at 918-770-5606. You can contact us for a consultation and email us for a quote through our website and contact us by visiting us at