If you’re looking for a proper paper shredding OKC company that can always get touch with American Document Shredding. We were founded in 2005 by menu party had several years of experience in the document shredding industry because he specifically saw I need for a company in Tulsa provided a better customer service touch in the Tulsa area. It was founded on the idea that they deserved better document training services and better customer service than what was being provided at the time. Since that time we’ve expanded from a small company in 2005 two slightly larger company that has seven employees, five shredding trucks, and to warehouses one in Oklahoma City and one in Tulsa. We now have the widest network of to accommodate you whether you are in Tulsa or Oklahoma City to provide you with the most efficient, convenient and secure document training services available.

In the last 15 years since we were founded, have evolved a paper shredding OKC services to include the fact that not only can we do on-site shredding of your documents that may contain sensitive information in the need to be disposed of appropriately, and also we can help make sure that we security hard drives and dispose of property using secure hard drive construction procedures, integrating data disintegration equipment, and where. Also implemented compliance consulting as well. If you need some made help you with information compliance and development, training and education, then we are here for that. We can also help you provide risk assessment and facility strategy and provide you been seen may need with a wide array of options on those.

We’ve also expanded our paper shredding OKC and Tulsa commercial services to include residential services as well. If you need any the services at your home residence then we can integrate into our route and our routine by calling us scheduling it at 918-770-5606. You can also arrange to drop it off yourself if you find that to be more convenient also. Since being founded, and in the last 15 years, we’ve also developed a great system to make sure that we provide the most security and reliable shredding. We follow all need standards which is the national Association for information instruction, and all of our employees are certified in need as well as well as undergoing regular routine background checks, Sosa security traces and other vetting processes.

We’ve also come to learn how to increase the value of what we do hereby offer you some great incentives, the main one being here right now that if you sign up for continuous service with American Document Shredding them will provide you an entire months worth of our service for just one dollar. That is an incredible value, and if you’re interested then reach out.

Get in contact with us by calling us at 918-770-5606 if you would like to secure services and get an estimate, we can go straight to our website for more information first by checking out weshredonsite.com.

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Paper shredding OKC want to make sure that the proven reputation and a great track record,. American Document Shredding is can fit that bill because we have been around 15 years now as a company and we are led by a man that has 20 years of experience in the industry. We’ve also since we were first founded have become the highest and most reviewed dog machete company in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. We can now provide you with the most convenient most reliable document training services in Oklahoma throughout both major metro locations. Our company’s been trusted by the likes of St. Francis Hospital, AAA insurance, and Osage Casino. If you are large or small company in other major location and you want to make sure you’re going to by the trust, choose the company that major companies like Osage Casino choose and give us call here at American Document Shredding.

You’ll find that we are the most trusted when compared to other companies because of the companies go to the same extensive we do to make sure that we are convenient and safe and secure. If you paper shredding OKC, you want to make sure you’re going with somebody that you can trust 100% and that’s what you get here with training company. We take everything we seriously with make sure that we provide you to the highest and. Most of our standards and procedures are dictated by NAID which is the national Association for information instruction. Whenever we pick up and shred any of your documents or take care of any of your hard drive they’re all done by NAID policies and procedures. Anytime you’re looking for any company to provide you with document training services to make sure that they are affiliated and certified by NAID.

Here are paper shredding OKC company we are fully certified by NAID and not only that but it was one of our employees individually is as well. And our individuals are all routinely undergoing regular background checks, Sosa security traces and other verification process to make sure that they are always fully vetted to make sure that they are hindering your sensitive information at any given time. Whereas most companies may only do this at the moment of hire or maybe once every year, we make sure that we do it continuously to make sure that they are always being vetted properly to ensure that you’re getting only the most reliable people and that your information is totally secure.

We also may find that most of the companies don’t provide both commercial and residential services when it comes to paper shredding OKC, nor do they offer you the widest network of trucks and services to accommodate you in Tulsa or Oklahoma City.

Golf also be hard-pressed to find the document training service that can provide you with your first month for just one dollar when you sign up for continuous service. We do that here at American Document Shredding so if you like to see we can do for you and or if you like an estimate to know hesitate to call us at 918-770-5606 or go directly to the website to find more information about us company and more details better services at weshredonsite.com.