If you’re looking for a paper shredding OKC that can blow everyone else in the water by providing you with the most incredible customer service for a very narrow but deep the make she get touch with us here training company. We are very narrow but very deep and document shredding that is to say that we focus squarely on just paper shredding, document shredding and information storage devices the most part, however we make sure that we offer flexibility and customer service and options when it comes to providing the service than anybody else. We stay narrow and focused but we use a verY service to make sure that is the best service out there it comes to document providing you with sensitive information disposal.

Whenever you call us here at the next paper shredding OKC company which you are getting the company that can also do hard drive disposal for you and also does all that with the utmost convenience and reliability and a better customer service touch anybody else. These are all the expectations you can have one of you call us for service. We also like to make sure we go one step for everybody else to make by better incentives anybody else reasons to come to us that the other guys can’t touch.

Whenever you come to paper shredding OKC company not only do we provide you with better security better than many reliable service but we also make sure that we do our part of the environment as well. Everything that we shred here at Trinity Employment Specialists goes to a recycling center after it is shred to make sure that he gets recycled and reused as recycle paper in the end. Not only that but whenever you come to us to sign up for service and you sign up for continuous service and you will receive your entire first month of services from us for just one dollar. Press find other companies that make sure they go above and beyond and waste like this like we do here training company.

You can also expect that we hold ourselves to higher standard when it comes to the needs and is security. First of all we of the ways that were construction services to accommodate you in Tulsa or Oklahoma City, we allow you to pick the time if you’re pick up, and we shred on site and make it hasslefree possible for you. We are also completely made certified which is the national Association for information destruction, and all of our employees are if individually certified as well and all get routinely background check, Social Security traced and verified other ways on a continuous basis.

If you want these kind of high expectations and high standards whenever you call a document should accompany the cost per here shredding because you get all this and more. Get touch with us by calling us at 918-770-5606 or you go directly to the website find a little bit more information before you make the call at weshredonsite.com.

Paper Shredding Okc | Exactly How Our Process Works.

If you’re looking for a paper shredding OKC company that you can trust in the provides excellent service the make she American Document Shredding first. We are right now already the highest and most reviewed American Document Shredding in Tulsa today. If you need documents traded hard drives destroyed, then we are your premier choice, and we can provide you with the most convenient and the most secure reliable service when it comes to any of your information destruction needs. We have over 20 years of experience in the form of our leadership in our founder, and we as a company have been around for 15 years when he founded us in 2005. Another document shredding company that has more experience, and has more trust than we do here at American Document Shredding base set of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

If you’re wondering before you give us a call how all this works because you’ve never contracted a shredding service before the nation and we can give you a quick rundown of exactly how it works right here. We cast the widest net when it comes to a network of trucks and services to accommodate you all throughout Tulsa and Oklahoma City and we do that with five shredding trucks. We also have one warehouse in Tulsa and what warehouse and Oklahoma City. What we do is schedule a convenient time for you during any of our routes so that one of our five trucks can stop and secure your documents hard drives. We pick up and shred on-site with one of our shredding trucks in which just like a paper shredder in a wastebasket you made your office, except on a much larger commercial level we can shred the documents for you right there on site with the truck. His shreds in the same manner and do tiny multiple strands so it cannot be read or reused in any manner maliciously or any privacy invaded with any personal information or company records or financials.

And with our paper shredding OKC service, we do a little bit more than your average company. We take it back to either the Oklahoma City or the Tulsa warehouse to make sure he gets compacted like a bell and then bailed similarly as well. From there the bail gets taken to a recycling center where it is pulped, or essentially mulched and compressed back into recycled papers so that we can recycle and reuse of the documents so that we recycle and protect our environment.

This is essentially how our service works here at our paper shredding OKC company at American Document Shredding. We can also do destruction using stringent standards and procedures make sure that it gets decommissioned properly and destroyed. Offer the services residentially, so you do is call make an appointment and we can either stop by and pick up just like for commercial purposes or you can drop it by.

If you’re interested in employing our fantastic documents training services and you feel like our process has nailed it the make she get touch us by calling us at 918-770-5606 we go directly to our website anytime at weshredonsite.com we can find all this information for yourself and even more.