If you are unfamiliar with the paper shredding OKC services that American Document Shredding provides, where here to take a little bit about what our services and what our industry is about. What paper shredding and document shredding entails is making sure that a professional company such as us to pick up any of your documents that are need to be disposed of and is that of throwing them in the trash getting rid of them in a casual way for anybody to pick up and use for malicious intent such as personal information or financial information that gives picked up shredded and dispose of properly by people that have been affected accordingly and it gets disposed of. This only extends to paper shredding but we can also do things with sensitive information on them like hard drives. We also provide hard drive destruction. We make it convenient easy and hasslefree. We establish this company in 2005 because we saw the Tulsa needed a more personal shredding service and it was missing a great service touch.

So is the highest and most reviewed paper shredding OKC and Tulsa company he can take care of all of your document shredding from beginning to end. We make it easy by scheduling a convenient pickup time for you, and shall with one of our five shredding trucks to make sure that we shred on-site we pick up. That way you can feel good about the fact that it is not being taken away and nothing else is happening to it. It gets shredded directly on your property, and he is taken back to one of our warehouses in either Tulsa or Oklahoma City. From the warehouse after you spelled it will get taken to a recycling center where he gets pulled and turned into recycled paper for us to reuse. That’s essentially all there is to it, but it ensures that your documents get care of immediately, expediently and securely.

We also offer the same for residential customers as well but by appointment only. All you have to do is get touch with us by calling us at 918-770-5606 and we can set up a convenient time for you to drop it off for us to pick up with one of our shredding trucks just like a commercial client. You can also feel good about the fact that not only dispose of and shred these products by national Association of information destruction standards, but all of our employees are individually certified as well and get regularly vetted with background checks, Social Security traces and other forms of verification before they perform any of our paper shredding OKC services.

Also here at American Document Shredding we make sure that we provide you with a great incentive so if you do decide to sign up for continuous service with us you get your first month from us for just one dollar. Also people are really pleased with the fact that we recycle our documents as well as that of shredding them and disposing them elsewhere.

If you’re interested in what we can do for you and if we have made our service clear enough to you, or if you have any other questions the make she give us call at 918-770-5606 or you can find out more information by going directly to weshredonsite.com we can find out more about us as a company what we can do for

Paper Shredding Okc | How Much Does Shredding Cost?

If you’re looking for professional highly qualified paper shredding OKC company to handle any of your documents are hard drives, they get touch with us here at American Document Shredding. Here American Document Shredding, we are the ideal provider of this service for you as we are already the highest and most reviewed paper shredding company and document training company in Oklahoma City in Tulsa. We provide the rear services for document shredding and we were started in 2005 specifically because our owner saw need for service of this kind with a more personal service touch here in Tulsa and then eventually expanded and Oklahoma City as well. Often though, when people consider us for their paper shredding trainees, they first want to know of course, how much the service may cost.

When it comes to paper shredding OKC for commercial businesses, this rate can vary depending on your needs, however we do have estimates and consultation available at no charge you have to do is get touch with us by calling us at 918-770-5606 or requesting a call back to our website at weshredonsite.com. You speak about what your needs are, and what we can do for you and we come up with an accurate estimate for you quickly. When it comes to residential customers, however, this is more of a straightforward rate we do have a minimum of $30 that allows you to shred up to approximately 200 pounds. That’s where starts and it goes up proportionally from there. Offer affordable competitive rates, and this is evident in the fact that we are the best reviewed in Tulsa and elsewhere, and that we also have clients like the Francis Hospital, Osage Casino, and AAA insurance.

What this service gets you for a price though is an incredible amount of convenience and security with our paper shredding OKC. Whenever you do sign up for service as a company, for commercial document shredding, we provide a convenient time to pick up on one of our routes with one of our five shredding trucks in which we pick up and shred directly on site. Then make sure to get back to one of our warehouses in Oklahoma City Tulsa where you spelled and the gets into a recycling center to be pulled and turned into recycled paper from there. Make sure that we provide all the convenience and security that you can imagine from any company.

Also for the cost is a value because not only do you get convenient service, but you also get security. Not only is our company certified by need which is the national Association for information option, but we have been trusted for 15 years already and every see one of our employees is individually certified by need and goes to regular background checks, Social Security traces and other forms of verification are make sure they remain qualified not to get hired but ongoing.

If you’re just and what we can do for you as the service, you would like to find out a number or going directly to our website anytime at weshredonsite.com find more information first.