Go ahead don’t look any further for Paper Shredding OKC then American document shredding At 320 North McCormick Avenue Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73127! The American document shredding facility is known for their extreme precaution and security and following all procedures to destroy your private information found on documents or materials. And don’t worry we have a location in Tulsa and Oklahoma City both locations offer services for commercial or residential shredding as well. you can even have us come to your home in order to create an easier process for you to destroy your documents. Yes you heard that correctly we can come to your home for you!

Most people may not understand the importance of Paper Shredding OKC for residential homes and personal reasons but it actually is very important to securely destroy your documents that may have information such as a social security number, date of birth or financial information. Simply shutting them in your own home and then tossing them in the bin outside will not do as people can come grab that stuff out of your trash bin believe it or not. so go ahead and use our services in order to securely dispose of your documents after shredding.

We do need to mention that for residential Paper Shredding OKC through American document shredding you will have to have an appointment as residential services or via appointment only. We have a minimum of a $50 appointment in order for you to be able to destroy up to 200 lb of material on your set day. Anytime from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. we can stop by your house and complete shredding on site or allow us to pick up and drop off documents or devices at that location. And one really fun thing is that your documents after being shredded and transported to a secure recycling facility they will be recycled into other paper materials which of course we love for the environment.

Now you may be asking if there Commercial Services as well they’re of course is Commercial Services which you can call for more information about today. We know that you may have documents or materials that you need to legally destroy any secure manner which we can do. There are many legal aspects in place to protect companies, their employees and their clients so please do follow through with those and give us a call today in order to have your materials securely shredded.

Our website also has tons of useful information regarding the process of shutting materials and or shredding papers for commercial and or Residential Services. check that website out at we shred onsite.com, you can also contact us via our email request form for a quote. Lastly you can give us a call at any time For our Oklahoma City location at 405-213-1050. Identity theft is more common than you think it is anymore so allow us to securely manage your documents and materials and put you or your company at ease.

Paper Shredding OKC | What We Do

We have never made Paper Shredding OKC easier than we have with American document shredding. Are you wondering what the process is like as a commercial or residential account to be able to dispose of your documents securely and privately? then I will explain today exactly how that works! We are presently seeing Tulsa and Oklahoma City though we help the whole state and some surrounding states with their secure document destruction. Don’t forget we were founded in 2005 with over 20 years of experience and we are Aid AAA certified, all of which mean we are very much so experienced and knowledgeable in handling your company’s or your personal documents!

The very first step to Paper Shredding OKC is determining whether you are residential or commercial. If you are residential please keep in mind that you are by appointment only so you do have to call us to get on our schedule in order to be able to have a pick up day. Go ahead and contact us for a quote to see how much it’s going to cost you to use our services. then allow us to provide the best service possible for your company or your personal use whether that be to shred documents, clothing or even hard drive destruction.

If you do choose to have us come to your home in order to do Paper Shredding OKC, that is perfectly fine you can either watch us complete the service or we can schedule a pick up drop off time for up to as stated prior 200 pounds of paper documents and or materials. Then we will securely handle your documents or materials and properly shred them with our state of the art equipment, following all NAID procedures. After shutting has been completed you may be wondering where your documents or materials end up going, correct? Well those documents will end up going to a recycling facility to be recycled into new paper materials!

I’d recommend checking out our website if you are a commercial business just select our Commercial Services Tab and then enter fax and questions in order to review common questions from our commercial clients. But of course one of the main questions you’re probably asking is how much does it cost and why is it price per container.Customers couldn’t possibly guess the weight of their materials prior to sending them over so it is particularly fair for all containers to be prorated.

if you want to check out more of this information go ahead and visit us at we shred onsite.com. from here you can go ahead and review our services for residential or commercial properties any fax or questions, and you can even send us an email form to get a quote today or simply give our Oklahoma City location a call today at 405-213-1050. Become one of our many trusted clients such as News on 6!