When it comes to paper shredding OKC, many new potential clients often have some of the same questions. Here as the highest and most reviewed training company in Tulsa, to build answer questions fully completely, because we have over 20 years of experience in the paper shredding industry. Also as established since 2005 officially, we now have over seven employees, five paper shake trucks and one warehouse in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, and we are here to make sure that we provide you with all the tools you need to provide you with great paper shredding services and the experience behind it to build answer any questions you may have about what is exactly in the wire service is critical. Paper shredding, and something that may get overlooked by many companies however it is a very important service to make sure that your information is being disposed of properly in your security is protected.

Many people as new clients OKC “is it worth it”? We would say that is a undoubtedly yes and you can feel good about the fact that some companies that have very important confidential information that they dispose of like St. Francis Hospital, Osage Casino, and AAA insurance choose us to make sure that we take care of their documents and their driver any other citizen information materials for them as well. We’ve also been trusted enough that we had been featured on both Channel 6 in general Oklahoma. People trust that we take care of their documents and their information properly and professional manner with our paper shredding OKC services.

People also training OKC company, what it the service actually entails. That’s a great question because we do is for commercial services we schedule a convenient pickup time for you live with one of our paper shredding trucks to do the pickup and the shredding right there on site. From there the truck will take it back to one of our warehouses and either Oklahoma City or Tulsa for to be bailed, bailed we will set up a recycling facility where it gets pulped and then it gets turned back into reusable recycled paper. We also provide services for residential customers provide the same service, and if you would like to receive our services all you have to do is call us to make an appointment for pickup and drop-off at any time for any of your Paper Shredding OKC needs.

People often ask is also what we do to ensure the security of the information in the safety of the clients. That’s a very question and what we would love to answer. Everything we do here is backed by NAID standards. That means the national Association for information security. We are certified by NAID and also for individual employees is certified as well and go continuous background checks, security traces the handling any of your sensitive materials.

Don’t forget that we also do hard drive instruction to using extensive procedures to make sure that the data gets eliminated hard drives off guest. If you’re interested in any of the services that we can provide, or questions comments or concerns is get by calling us at shredding never going to our website anytime at weshredonsite.com to find out more on your own.

Paper Shredding Okc | Setting Expectations

If you are for a company that can provide you with proper paper shredding OKC the don’t hesitate to get in touch with American Document Shredding. American Document Shredding has been around since 2005 we have developed ourselves to the highest and most reviewed document training company in Tulsa today. Oklahoma City is a relatively new territory for us, but we are quickly and our way to becoming the premier service in both the Tulsa and Oklahoma City Metro area and when it comes to what we do, we were founded because our owner saw a need for training company in Tulsa with a more personal training service because it was missing a great service touch to this particular industry in the area. We know and warehouses in both Tulsa and Oklahoma City to provide document shredding to companies like AAA insurance, St. Francis Hospital, and Osage Casino.

When it Comes to what you can expect paper shredding OKC services, is fact that we will give you the most professional secure document shredding and hard drive destruction services out there that results is total confidence in the fact that sensitive information has been disposed of properly and securely. Fact that nation may end up in the hands of people that are trying to compromise any sort of personal identity theft, or using your financial numbers for any sort oF ill intent. We make sure a gets disposed of by all of the NAID standards to make sure that you have nothing to worry about and you can trust everything is taken care of professionally and you don’t have to worry about any of it yourself. We save you time, frustration and stress.

These are all the expectations you can really expect to basically as a result of our paper shredding OKC services. We can provide you with on site pick up at shredding, we can also do secure your hard drive using official destruction procedures, data disintegration equipment and use physical destruction of hardware practices as well. We also can provide you with compliance consulting as well to help you achieve total confidence in your security of the information floating around in your office or your and your company. We can provide you with several options on secured bins and provide you with risk assessment facility strategy, and compliance development, training and education.

Don’t forget that you can get the same expectations in the same services for any residential clients or residential services needed as well. Do is give us call to set up a time an appointment to either have it picked up or drop it off with us directly. Also you can expect that we have the high standards for employees as well. In addition to being NAID certified as a company, each of our employees are also certified as background checks, and have some security traces and other screenings done on a regular basis as well. See can fill 100% safe knowing that the people take care of your sensitive information are regularly screened and vetted.

If you’re interested in these kind of results and the kind of results that you expect, just to get touch with American Document Shredding can will build to provide you with the best shredding services in Oklahoma, and you can get contact with us at 918-770-5606 to set that up website at weshredonsite.com first to find out more information before you give us a call.