We are committed to giving our clients a secure paper shredding OKC. We are determined and committed to creating long-term relationships with our customers. We want to build trust with our clients and to be able to give them the services that they need. You’ll be able to notice our efficiency and being on time. We have a friendly staff who is willing to go above and beyond for Our customers. Once our team arrived on site you don’t have to worry about anything we will do all the heavy lifting. We will pick up her van and bring it to her shredding truck and you will be able to also accommodate us. You’ll be able to see and feel safe about your documents being properly shredded and properly how it’s supposed to.

Your documents will be brought to our secure warehouse where they will be been transported to a recycling facility. We make it a point to recycle instead of donating your shredded documents to Farmers or donating them to people for their moving boxes. The reason why we don’t give our shreddings away and we recycle them, one reason is that we’re giving back to the environment and the other one is because we have promised you that your documents will be safe with us and properly disposed of.

We are determined to build a relationship with our customers and We Know It starts with our first impression. First Time commercial clients we offer your first month of shredding for 50% off and you can call us for details or fill out a form online to get a free quote today for your specific needs. Whenever you need paper shredding OKC you have found your people! We are here when we need you and we want to help you. We will shred all your documents on-site quickly and efficiently. Saving you time from having to cut them yourself or drop them off at a location. Our team will do all the heavy lifting so you won’t have to lift a finger. American document shredding is here to give you confidence and know that your documents that are shredded will be disposed of properly and transported in a safe manner. With our state-of-the-art shredding truck we have all kinds of capabilities that we can be in and out of your office end or Warehouse quickly and safely. we will be making sure your confidential documents are safely and securely destroyed.

We work with many well-known companies. And we arrive on time and on the site to shred all your documents and keep your business running smoothly. From working with Saint Francis Hospital here in Tulsa Osage Casino, Oklahoma Central, News9.com, Morton Comprehensive Health Services, Fox23, and AAA Insurance. They trust us for all of their paper shredding OKC.

if you are a first-time client and you want a free quote you can give us a call and ask about our discount today by contacting us at 918-770-5606.For more information about how we securely dispose and shred your confidential documents, you can visit our website at https://weshredonsite.com/.

Paper Shredding Okc | Now You Know What To Shred

There is no law against Driving. So when you’re just pulled over your documents into a local dumpster you are exposing yourself to risk. American document shredding is here to give you secure paper shredding OKC. Short records must be destroyed on a regular basis, it’s incidental business records just started on a daily basis must be protected. And shredding your 4 business records that have personal information on them is the best form of Destruction. Recycling is not an adequate solution for information destruction without shredding them. If you are not authorized to destroy certain information see, that can be an issue. Information protection is a vital issue for senior Management. You don’t want to shred things such as files and Records, charts, patient records, presentations, credit card information, price and inventory list, photographs, and bank statements, the list goes on you can even count on us to destroy all of your hard drive and media.

We are here for you when it comes to all of your paper shredding OKC needs. We have a friendly staff who is there for you and will answer all of your questions. We are big on following the laws and regulations to protect people’s information. We want you to trust us as our staff is properly trained, and given background checks, social security, and follow-ups regularly.

Shredding documents is not done properly and if the document or not properly considered and looked over before putting them into our Bennett shredding information can be a devastating mistake. As soon as you decide what needs to be shredded will be able to help you properly and will be the perfect solution to ensure that your documents are handled properly. American document shredding will send our experts to your location to handle any of your information that needs to be destroyed properly. For all of your paper shredding OKC American Document Shredding is the perfect company for you.

We haven’t a respectful team who is willing to help you with all of your shredding needs. Will be able to destroy your confidential documents and devices. We follow the laws and regulations of our certificates. We follow HIPPA as well. You should care about reading your documents when it comes to government records, tax records, utility bills, bank statements, investment statements, medical records, loan, and lease Documents, and anything that can potentially have social security numbers, birthdates, or credit card that information certainly is document will help the possibility of identity theft or credit card fraud. All of us are here at American document shredding and we care about keeping you and your family safe.

If you are ready for us to give you a shredding service that you will love you can give us a call to schedule your shredding pick up by calling us at 918-770-5606.Now you know a little bit more about what just shreds you can visit our website for a longer list of what you should be shredding by visiting our website at https://weshredonsite.com/