If you are the head of a department, a company, even you run your business out of your home or anything that produces considerable waste when it comes to paper documents or even hard drives or any sort of information storage device, then you would seriously want to consider a Paper Shredding OKC company like American Document Shredding. This is because there are people with ill intent in this world, or with prying eyes, and much of the information you leave out to be disposed of in a traditional manner can be picked up and used against you with malicious intent and 33% of Americans reported they have suffered from some kind of identity theft. Not only can identity theft happen but if you are large company with sensitive information, that can get out by leaving documents expose, and not disposed of properly as well as any sort of old hard drives the don’t get disposed of properly with lots of sensitive or private information.

This is why the services that we provide at our paper shredding OKC company are vitally important to many businesses and even certain individuals who feel like they have a lot of personal information to dispose of at home. We we offer both commercial and residential services. Commercially, which is the majority of our business, we make sure that we provide the service in the most convenient manner possible, regularly, and very securely. We make sure that we schedule a convenient time for you on any of our routes for one of our five shredding trucks to make sure we pick it up and shredded on site for you. And then gets transported to one of our warehouses and either Oklahoma City or Tulsa depending on your location, and mail it there much like a bale of hay, before he gets shipped to the recycling center to be recycled into reused paper.

We do this more securely than anybody else in our paper shredding OKC company. First of all we follow all need policies and procedures that are been set forth which is the national Association for information destruction. Those are guiding principles including some of our own to go above and beyond, and always our company certified the each of our seven individual employees are also certified will also making sure that they undergo background checks, Social Security traces and other forms of vetting and verification process on a continual basis to ensure that we have only the most legitimate employees handling any of your documents or information storage devices.

So if you never considered getting a document shredding company to pick up and dispose conveniently of your sensitive information before then you want to greatly consider the fact that maybe you should and if you decide to go that route the make sure calling the most trusted. Here at American Document Shredding we are trusted by several companies throughout Tulsa and Oklahoma City including AAA insurance, St. Francis Hospital, Osage Casino among many others.

We can help you to so you do is get touch with us by getting in touch with us, calling us at 918-770-5606 or you go directly to our website anytime at weshredonsite.com we can find all this information and much more to help make up your decision.

Paper Shredding Okc | Why Call American Document Shredding

If you have a business, or you are in charge of any business and you have recently realized that you have large amounts of sensitive information that is not been disposed of properly or you want to make sure that it starts getting dispose of properly such as financial information personal identifying information and so on that needs to be disposed of in a secure efficient manner, that’s when you want to make she get touch with a document shredding company like American Document Shredding for paper shredding OKC needs. A American Document Shredding that is legitimate and well reputable like American Document Shredding is going to make sure that we take any information storage devices or documents that need to be disposed of properly and do them in a quick efficient and convenient manner and do so very securely so that it gets done in a systematic way governed by policies and procedures generally set forth mostly by NAID.

When it comes to paper shredding OKC or anywhere else, need is the standard which is the national Association for information destruction. We make sure that we abide in our certified in all policies and procedures to make sure that we dispose of your information correctly, safely, and securely. Here at our business particularly we are the highest and most well reviewed document American Document Shredding throw Tulsa and in Oklahoma City, and we have 15 years of experience as a company. We can provide you with most convenient with safe and secure service of any other document American Document Shredding in the metro areas.

Whenever you call us only are you paper shredding OKC service, but you’re getting the services with the best personal customer service touches as well. This transaction numbers, every one of our clients is a relationship and we are here to provide you with not only secure safe disposal but also the most convenient and friendly services well.

Here at shredding we make sure that not only are we certified as a company made for each one of our individual employees are certified as well and are continuously vetted with background checks, Social Security traces regular basis to ensure that we have nothing but the most capable of trustworthy individuals handling your information we also provide the ones that were trucks services to accommodate everyone in Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

These are just a few the differences that are particular document American Document Shredding provide to you here American Document Shredding. If you’re interested in receiving our services and don’t hesitate to get touch for an estimate by calling us at 918-770-5606 going directly to our website anytime at weshredonsite.com.