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American document shredding is here to provide all of your paper shredding Tulsa needs. We’re able to provide on-site shredding of any material that your business may need to keep confidential including uniforms, paper products, even hard drives. You want to make sure that all this important information and your confidentiality. We love being able help your business running smoothly by keeping this information confidential and out of your way. We provide on-site pickup from your facility to collector pins as well as have added pick up times that fit your schedule.

We are able to provide the most amazing paper shredding Tulsa services around town. We specialize are products and services to ensure that our customers are receiving top-notch care. We want them to truly feel like they matter, and we can promise you that we will treat you with all the respect and honesty, and professional and the desert. We are able to help secure document destruction for any confidential files, or materials. We also provide hard drive destruction and meets all required NAID standards and you will never have to worry about your confidential information getting stolen again.

No one can really understand why, but people who go to such extreme length to take to your garbage, and hunt for confidential information. You shouldn’t have to worry about your confidential information being out in a junkyard, or alleyway ever again. We provide on-site destruction services to you. We secure hard drive destruction procedures and then help specialize the data disintegration equipment to ensure its accuracy. Then we will actually physically eliminate the hardware. This process is easy and there will not be any messes that you have clean up after.

We want to provide you with the most secured way to ensure that your confidential information and private document stay confidential during the workday. Which is why we offer several different options to help secure your Benzinger office. Like us to provide you a consultation see how we can help make peace and security, please call us at (918) 770-5606 or go online to we can schedule your free consultation a meeting today. We will assess all risk and come up with a facility strategy not only for your pins but for the rest of your facilities as well. We train and educate your employees to make sure that they are complying with proper safety procedures. Our secured pins are the best way to ensure your confidential private document stay that way.

So let us provide you with the best paper shredding Tulsa services possible and provide you with those secure been that physically have locks on them so no one else is able to access them. Only our staff members here at American document shredding hold that key, and they extremely trained professionals you don’t have to worry about anyone stealing the key for copying it. We did a few other secure been options for you, so if you’d like to see an example of one of the bins that we provide you may check that out on our