For a shredding service in Tulsa they can do more than just shred paper for you, get touch with American Document Shredding to see what we can offer. Not only do we shred paper and we shred documents better than anybody else in business, we can also offer you better customer service, better incentives and also other services in addition to the document shredding. We have Aarti become Tulsa’s highest and most reviewed document American Document Shredding, and that is partly because we have been here since 2005 providing you with high quality and high security information disposal services. Best make she get touch with us because we have interest by other high-profile companies like AAA insurance, Osage casinos, and St. John’s Hospital to take care of their documents and are hard drives as well already.

When it comes to do here, we’re found specifically as a shredding service in Tulsa because at the time in 2005 our founder saw a need for a more personal shredding service in Tulsa, and a great service shredding in the area. He wanted to fill that void to make sure that he provided a better document service than anybody else in the Tulsa area and we’ve also now expended Oklahoma City because of our success here in the Tulsa Metro. So to begin with, what sets us apart from other document training services the fact that we provide better value better customer service in addition to just reliable shredding services.

So if you need shredding service in Tulsa the make sure you get touch with us here at American Document Shredding first 918-770-5606. There we can talk about what we can do for you because not only are we going to build a skin of the most convenient time for us to come by and one of our five shredding trucks to shred your documents right there on site, but we can also arrange to help you with the hard drive disposal you may need are also any compliance consulting that you are in need of. When it comes the consulting we can do things that provide risk assessment and give you options on things like security bins, but we can provide information development, training and education as well for you and your staff.

You’ll find many other shredding companies that can do it all and also provide you with formal advice. That but we can also provide you with hard drive disposal. That’s pretty standard with American Document Shredding’s as it is an information disposal services well, but we also do residential services too. So in addition to giving you these services that residentially also if your commercial client is going to us for the first time and was continuous service will provide that first service to you for one dollar. That’s a unique no-brainer you won’t find anywhere else.

If you’re interested in what we can do for you. American Document Shredding the make she get touch with us by calling us at 918-770-5606 first to speak to us for consultation or estimate, if you want to do your own research then feel free to peruse our website anytime at

Shredding Service In Tulsa | Take Advantage Of Our Wonderful No-brainer

If you’re looking for shredding service in Tulsa that can provide you incredible value along with great service and wonderful security in our information disposal services the make sure you check with American Document Shredding first. First off, you not to find a company out there that has better reviews that we do in Tulsa when it comes to shredding and information destruction, and you also are going to find a better value. In addition to providing you with affordable rates, and also being packed more value with anybody else out there we also aim to please with a better incentives than any other company out there today. Whenever you come to us for the first time as a new customer we have a special for you.

When you come to us for shredding services in Tulsa for the first time, we can offer you your first month of service for us for just one single dollar when you elect to have continuous service. So make she come to us and you get some savings right out of the gate with American Document Shredding but our incredible no-brainer if that’s not enough, then we also have some other things to sweeten the pot. First of all if you are a socially conscious person or business, then you will feel great about utilizing our services because whereas some companies may destroy their shredded documents in other ways after they are shredded, or dispose of them how they please, we make sure that we compact them bail them and send them to a recycling center to be reused again as recycled paper.

So if you shredding service in Tulsa that can’t be beat is packed value come see us here American Document Shredding. Not only do we give you a great incentive in the form of Terry value and social responsibility, but we also provide you with the most convenient service. We can stop by at me like one of our five straight trucks to shred your documents on site, we can also take away any hard drives for you to dispose of those properly and by national standards, and we can also provide you with consulting services for you and your staff when it comes to information security.

Also keep in mind that we not only are certified by NAID as a company which is the national Association of information destruction, for each one of our employees is also certified individually and constantly get some background checks, Social Security traced and verified by support for means on a regular basis to ensure that they are always in compliance to provide you with the most reliable safest and secure staff to be handling your information.

If you are Interested in taking advantage of any of the services or our great no-brainer in which you get your first month of service for one dollar don’t hesitate to reach out to us first to get in contact for consultation or an estimate at 918-770-5606 go directly to our website first if you like to check that out at