Here at American document shredding, we are very proud to say we are the very best writing service in Tulsa.. We are world-class paper shredding and we make All of your shredding services. means go away in fact we’re going to give you your First Step Services for $1 which is a diet that is absolutely invaluable. And the reason why is that it provides you it is not just going to get it out all that clutter that you happen to have at your house that you would like to clean out is also going to get all up reliability in there are you and your Shredding Service In Tulsa family members.

You might wonder what it’s like to have the very best company in your industry and we are here to tell you that it is pretty amazing because we cut our head up and we are providing you with the service that is amazing whatever you need just shredding in Tulsa column back in document shirts because be I really great at what we do and you can watch as do it right there in front of your eyes will come straight to your home and we will only charge you $1 for doing that.

Not to mention it is kind of but just enjoyable to watch as our state-of-the-art trucks read all of your prayers and make it to our secure facility. At that point it is at the facility to stay there in a very secure fashion until it is ready to be sent to be recycled Now doesn’t that make you feel better to know that you were helping the world and helping our city and yourself, the greenest place to live. It was increasingly that is something that we all think about every single day we want to be a good citizen and recycle and that is something that our Shredding Service In Tulsa government and fellow citizens have all called upon as bread whenever you use shredding service at Tulsa you are not only protecting yourself you were also a game that the Earth which is protecting your children and your grandchildren and not to mention the future Generations after that.

I know but it sounds like we are bragging on her Services a little much better we just did not state enough how much better it is whenever you take the precautions of giving us a call and letting us take care of this issue for you is you do not want to be caught in a situation where you did not take care of it and you did not have a shredding service at all said that at your residence or Shredding Service In Tulsa business because then you may risk having your identity stolen and that is a headache for everybody or risk your children having their identity stolen before they even get there start like that is not what you want for them that it’s not what any parent wants for their kid and we all know that so let us help you with that and make sure that you sign up for shredding service at Tulsa.

We would like to schedule see if you had any day, but you would have to give us a phone call at 918-770-5606 or come to our website at

Shredding Service In Tulsa  | Founded In 2005

America document headers have been shredding service in Tulsa for a very long time. That means that we are very experienced in what we do. We were bonded all the way back in 2005. Our Founders name is Kelly Herneisen. I found her of such an important industry in our community it was because that he knew that we had several a very high-profile banks in our area that man that there is many people that have their information stored within those Banks if he wanted to provide a safe and secure servicer . for them to have their shredding service in Tulsa taking care of I know that his fellow citizens were also taken care of it. He’s also been providing his services to hospital law firms and local government organizations from the very start. So whenever you know that these very high-profile and important entities that probably have some of your information and you’re already posting our service for your shredding services at Tulsa it why would, you not trust us to do your residential shredding also.

Or maybe you have my best, and now you have been interested in other people’s personal information. If you have a small boutique, if you were taking people’s credit card information you need to have this type of service. Because we not only Shred paper, we also have services where we can destroy any hard drive and other technology equipment. We also on a more personal note have great customer service and friendly employees. Cuz we know that it supports whenever we come to your house you want them to be friendly and people every single time. You also do that we do except if background checks on all of our employees have before they ever set foot on your property you were going to know that they had a criminal background check and that is something that we provide to you because we are careful to provide the very best shredding service in Tulsa. We also do not charge any of these anytime every time you will know exactly what it is that you’re paying for and we will give you your very first service for only $1.

If you are a small business and you were looking for shredding service in Tulsa, give us a call because you will not regret it, not to mention your employees will thank you and so will your customers. Anytime that you have a situation where you were going to upgrade your tech and your equipment make sure that you call us and we could destroy your old equipment and all of the data that is left on it. Ready to have your phone call at 918-770-5606 or visit us on our website at