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We have a secure location we offer great pricing and friendly service. And we have personal staff with outstanding customer service who will be able to help you gain a relationship with our staff. As it is our goal to establish a relationship for long-term with our customers. We give the best paper shredding Tulsa experience. We are excited to work with you. And we are ready to fit you into our schedule today. We are convenient and we come to you so you can keep your business running smoothly.

Keep in mind that the residential account for her by appointment only and you can call her phone number or schedule is your pick-up and drop-off by visiting our website. We provide the best secure on-site shredding service in the Tulsa area. We can do it at your home which means you don’t have to pack all of your documents and transport them across town we will be able to come to you. This is a convenient way for you to be able to secure your family and your documents. Is important to shred anything with personal information. You can shred all types of documents and devices here at American document shredding.

Putting your personal documents and the trash can be risky. We are an organization that helps regulate and not to be able to shred confidential documents. If you are an individual who wants to protect your personal information you can benefit from using the best paper shredding Tulsa. We are the highest and most-rated document shredding company in Oklahoma. We service Oklahoma and surrounding states. We exist in the market to protect you from people who are trying to take advantage of your personal information. We want to make sure that you were information secure if you’re wanting to get rid of your documents. Whether you are a business or an individual would be able to come to you at the most convenient time.

If you are an individual and need to book an appointment for us to come to you to shred your documents or devices give us a call today at 918-770-5606.To get a free personalized quote by email you can fill out our form online at