There are several reasons why we offer the best paper shredding Tulsa and I am not going to try to list all of those right here in this article. But to cbe clear; you are the reason is because you deserve to know, you can trust your shredder. So one way we do this is we do not have any hidden charges like our competitors And that we continue to make it to our appointments with every single client, every time and we do not have fuel surcharges. we did not have fuel sur- charges and we do not have off-schedule charges. if your container is half-full then that is what we are going to charge you; only a half-full container is not going to be something that is going to cost you and your company more than it should. another reason that we are the best paper shredding in Tulsa is we do extensive background checks on all of our employees so that we know before they ever step foot on your property that they are I have no criminal record. We promise that we will maintain the standard all the time. we are AAA certified and you’re going to be able to take that to the bank.

When you are looking for the best paper shredding in Tulsa looking farther than America is we are going to shred your documents right there on site we’re going to very convenient we will make that’s what you need your needs we can that biweekly weekly to every two weeks through three weeks four weeks six weeks it doesn’t matter we can handle that if you are blocked The Best Paper Shredding Tulsa operation your personal documents that you need shredded you are a large corporation or to have a lot more documents that you are you are going to be shredded at your coming to basically there is no you should get asset at any of this to any other persons at other reason that many people don’t think about this is.

Have you thought about your ESG score lately? Of course, you know that investors use the ESG score investment of a company to make better green investments that is becoming increasingly important in the world of corporations. And quickly become the standard. We are proud to say that we can help you with this because your company can now report that all the material you send to us for The Best Paper Shredding Tulsa document shredding is then recycled. This is going to help your ESG score and we are quite proud of that.

That alone is no small reason that we are the best paper shredding in Tulsa but, we can give you several others that we do that. Now you might think to yourself why can we not just take our paper to any recycling company? Forgetting that the point is they are not responsible for the destruction of your materials, they only recycle it. so if you do have this kind of answer for your data protection process and some kind of breach happens. There will be a chance that you could be charged with negligence. and you do not want that, your customers do not want that, investors do not want that, therefore it is responsible to make sure that you have implemented a diligence protocol, in this area. because while it is often overlooked, it is not something you can overlook. our government is not overlooking does aspect of your business because it remains heavily regulated and there are laws to protect personal information and all of your employees personal information as you now as an executive this is a service that you will need now whenever you come to us at our website at you form fill that out and then we are going to give you a call we’re going to schedule your free consultation that’s always free also just give us a call and we will look forward to speaking to you so that number is 918-770-5606