Last year, there were over 7 million documents stolen or lost in the state of Oklahoma alone. That means that several people could possibly be victims of identity theft. all of that could have been avoided with shredding their personal documents. Thankfully, it is easy and affordable to get The Best Shredding Service in Tulsa. All you have to do is contact American document shredding. To give it a try it is only $1 for the first month of service. That means that it is very affordable for you to experience the highest and most reviewed shredding company and Tulsa. We are committed to preventing a disaster that could change your life and your family.

We offer services for residential and Commercial businesses. That’s why we are the best shredding service in Tulsa. We make these Services easy for you by coming to wherever you are at to get the items that you need shredded. These documents could be anything from government records, utility bills, bank statements, tax records, investment statements, loans or lease documents or medical records. You primarily want to make sure that you are getting rid of anything with your social security number, birth dates, credit or debit card information the proper way. We will make sure that that is done for you the right way. Even if you need to get rid of cardboard hard drives or phones we can get rid of those too. no need to remove your Staples rubber bands or anything like that. We will take care of that as well.

I’m sure you are probably thinking that this has got to be expensive. It is actually quite affordable. Residential homes can have a basic account as low as $50 it allows you to shred up to approximately 200 lb of documents. That will include you into the route for that area on that day. There are no surcharges, hidden fees or admin fees. what you see is what you get. We believe in transparent pricing. We want to gain your trust and your business. That is something that our customers really appreciate about us and makes us the best The Best Shredding Service in Tulsa.

With We Shred on Site, you will always know that your documents were disposed of securely and properly. Once your documents are shredded we store them in a secure compartment and our truck. We make sure that the documents are securely transported To our warehouse where the trucks are unloaded. At the warehouse the documents are bailed in the secure facilities until we take them to a recycling company where they are turned into recycled paper products. That means that those documents will be disposed of in a way that is also good for the environment.

To set up your appointment for your paper shredding all it takes is a few moments. You can visit the website to fill out a consultation form for a quote or you can call 918-770-5606 .

The Best Shredding Service in Tulsa | Commercial Shredding in Tulsa

Are you having a hard time getting rid of all of your employees’ documents ? That means that you need The Best Shredding Service in Tulsa.Times are changing and it’s very easy for someone to steal important documents that contain their social security numbers, birth date or credit or debit card numbers. The laws have changed to require businesses to protect the privacy of their clients. It can be a piece of paper thrown in the trash can that could cause you to break this law. That can be avoided by calling the American Document Shredding. The home of onsite shredding material. We understand how important it is to protect yourself and we want to help.

We can shred almost anything. The best shredding service in Tulsa is only a call away. We can shred paper products, uniforms or Hard drives. We will give you a routed pickup time that fits your schedule. We will pick up the waist from on site at your facility to collect your special bin. We would have an assessment to consider what was and what best fit the knees of what your facility needs. That way we can make sure that there will be no problems. there will be a risk assessment and facilitate strategy, information compliance development, and training and education. That way you will have a full understanding of what needs to be done to keep up with your proper document shredding. you can make sure that all of your documents will be secure.

Even if your company runs everything through your computers you still need the best shredding service in Tulsa. We can also help you destroy the hard drive from your computer. Even if you are just upgrading your computers and getting rid of the old ones you still need to make sure that you are disposing of them properly to be able to meet all of the n a i d standards of Destruction don’t worry we’ll take care of that. we will make sure to cover secure hard drive destruction procedures. We will use specialized data disintegration equipment. Also we will be sure to physically destroy the hardware as well.

American Document Shredding is voted the highest and most reviewed shredding company in Tulsa. Try it and see how we can help you upgrade your employees and clients security.The best part is the first month of shredding is only $1. That means that it is only $1 to find out if we are the right match for you and your business. We have been recognized on TV by Channel 6, Fox 23, and channel 9. We have worked with companies such as Osage Casino, Morton Comprehensive Health Services, and Bauer and Associates Incorporated.

You can get started today with your Top Flight security. just call American document shredding at phone number 918-770-5606. You can also visit the website schedule your consultation and get a free quote. We are very glad to be able to provide you with this kind of sweating because we know you are going to benefit from all of this.