Tulsa Disinfecting Services is designed for businesses and individuals who need a purge of their sensitive and confidential documents. It does not matter if you have just a few file boxes, or entire warehouse for documents that he can be destroyed, our on-site drugs will come to your location and that all documents quickly and efficiently. American document shredding LLC is locally owned and a AAA on site certified by the national Association of information destruction. With our services, all paper documents going to a tamperproof in camera and 100% documents are destroyed and recycled, safely and securely. You and your business is not only protected on the day the shredding occurs, but everyday.

Tulsa Disinfecting Services has the equipment and capability of shredding up to 35,000 pounds of paper hour. We were able to do this with our state of the art paper shredding drugs. With these kind of capabilities, we can be in and out of your office or warehouse quickly and safely. Helping you get all of your confidential document safely and securely destroyed. We understand that every organization has a requirement to protect confidential information for business and individuals. Our solutions will help you determine how to better protect your confidential information and how this information is stored, processed, and eventually destroyed. American document shredding LLC can help you with one of policy to protect and comply with all of the federal and state laws that pertain to your specific industry.

At Tulsa Disinfecting Services we offer ongoing on-site scheduled services for your shredding needs. This is where we come to your office on a regular schedule basis. This is designed for businesses needing confidential shredding services on a weekly, biweekly, every three weeks, every four weeks, every six weeks, every, and quarterly. We can customize a shredding scheduled to meet the specific needs of the customer. At American document shredding LLC we want you to get shredded! Plus, the number containers requested are provided for you at no charge.

Over two decades of experience and provided industry feedback has proved charging where the container is the most fair approach. This allows for flat and reasonable rates for you. By estimating potential costs, it is virtually impossible for customers to guess at how much the materials would weigh. We will provide the size and type of containers that will best suit your volume and your needs. In our containers have locks on them. However, if you need a container without lots, we can provide you with those also. So what happens if you container is full before the scheduled services? Just call us and we will come early. You will not be charged a special trip charge either.

We would love to start working with you and take care of all of your paper shredding needs. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. You can either target our online website weshredonsite.com, or does the call at any time at 918-770-5606. We are always happy to help.

Tulsa Disinfecting Services

Tulsa Disinfecting Services has been the leading on-site document destruction service in the Oklahoma area since 2005. Paper shredding, harder destruction, we do it all. As a national Association of information destruction AAA certified trading company, we have the whitest network of trucks and services in order to accommodate your shredding needs. We arrive on time, and on-site, to shut your document to keep your business running smoothly. And don’t worry, we have all the answers to all the questions you may have. Partner with us to experience the highest and most reviewed shredding company in Tulsa.

Let’s jump right into some of the questions we get here at Tulsa Disinfecting Services. Can we coordinate shredding services for out-of-state locations? We absolutely can. Our IPSA national contract team can consolidate your company shredding needs nationwide with a single point of contact. If you only need a one-time pick up? We service many clients who use us just wants as well as companies who need us to shred regularly. We are designed for businesses and individuals who need a purge of their sensitive and confidential documents. It does not matter if you have just a few file boxes, or entire warehouse full documents, our on-site check trucks will come to your location and shred all documents quickly and effectively.

Can Tulsa Disinfecting Services destroyed your hard drives? Yes. We destroy all forms of hard drives. Erasing, degaussing, or wiping hard drives is not enough. The only thing that is 100% safe is destroying the data permanently on-site. Do we issue a certificate of destruction? A certificate of destruction is certifying the date your materials were destroyed. And yes, we provide one with all of your services. How do we ensure your security though? We are a national Association of information destruction AAA certified and we go to great lengths to provide the highest level security of the industry. We conduct ongoing, thorough contracts and drug screenings for all of our personnel. In addition, all personnel will always arrive at your location where the company uniforms.

Now I know not everybody has time to sort through their stuff, and with us, no prep work is necessary. Do you do not need to equipment, rubber bands, staplers, binder clips, or any other types of fasteners. Our shredding truck can take care of it all. Do we take the shape away? Will force we do. We recycle 100% the shredded paper, saving thousands of trees per year. The how long do our services normally take? Will it depends on size of the job. We can sometimes get in the same day that you call, but most jobs are usually no more than two days. The day-to-day functions of any business will produce large amounts of information that could be used against your business by its competitors. Using our services an easy and affordable way to ensure that your document is properly protected.

Please feel free to reach out the same time by either giving us a call at 918-770-5606, or checking us out online weshredonsite.com. You can always reach out to us at any time if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. We look forward to working with you and taking care of all of your paper shredding needs.