One of the reasons clients always choose to work with Tulsa Onsite Shredding and Destruction is because of the convenience of us coming to then we always provide appointments for all of our clients and we will have a route that will be centered around you provided devices at the perfect time you need. We wanna make services carefree and as convenient as possible to you, as well as being most secure and efficient with our professional team as well. We will gather all of the documents for you directly at your doorstep and you don’t need to worry about going anywhere for you and not have any burden on you. We also bring all of our fully equipped disposal trucks take care of everything for you right at your business you don’t have to go anywhere

We off the clean up of a full room, warehouse, purge that we offered with the personal team of security professionals we have .Tulsa Hard Drive and Media Destruction will provide you with everything from start to finish. We are very happy with the service we provide for our clients, that they will be proud of and will trust in. We also offer state of the art Tulsa paper shredding trucks that are incapable of shutting up to 35,000 pounds of paper per hour to ensure that we will be in and out of your facility quickly and in a timely manner.

When you choose Tulsa Hard Drive and Media Destruction as your document shredding company, we will provide you with a certification of destruction that will be issued at the time every service confirming that your material has been securely destroyed. More than just a note we will give you a certification of destruction that is proof that you are at risk and your businesses comply with all the privacy laws. Our business partners have all of the top tier standards for security for a company at all of our clients and their clients information. Enjoying the quality and security with every service. Texting, your company and your clients from fraud or identity fact.

We offer hard drives in need of destruction. That is, any idea AAA certified destroys all of your hard drives and files that have been filled with sensitive information from you and your client. Very strict laws requiring the protection of personal information on discarded computers, electronic devices probably destroyed, and dispose of that. No one experiences it. The horrible act if I did anything left or fraud. Collected on hard drives information is destroyed properly are our Professional disposal services is the only way you can verify the data is 100% destroyed.

If you are ready to start taking the security of you and your company seriously, give us a call at918-770-5606 to come and clean out your office, leaving it in great shape to continue your successful business without any threat except or harm towards you or your company and clients. We can help you get started with a appointment today on our website at