Tulsa Hard Drive and Media Destruction knows that erasing, degassing, or wiping hard drives is not enough! The only thing that is 100% safe is destroying the data permanently on-site. Without fully destroying them, files that have been a race on a hard drive can still be accessed by identity thieves skilled in information retrieval. But why does the information on a retired computer need to be properly destroyed? It’s kind of funny that you mention it, it’s kind of the law. There are very strict laws requiring you to prevent unauthorized access to the personal information on discarded computers and electronic devices. American document shredding LLC is national Association of information destruction and AAA certified for on-site hard drive construction.

Tulsa Hard Drive and Media Destruction is your qualified contractor for all of your hard drives shredding services. The most important decision when decommissioning old computers and electronics is to make sure that you are dealing with a reputable company that puts information destruction first! With the amount of information collected on hard drives, it is vital at the end of life, these drives be destroyed properly. On-site hard drives shredding is the only way you can verify that the data is 100% destroyed. This is your tangible insurance against the data breach.

Speaking of breaches, let Tulsa Hard Drive and Media Destruction tell you about breach notification. This is legally required of you to notify your clients when there is a data breach. And this can cost tens of thousands of dollars. And much much more lost customer confidence and future business. Not to mention the hefty fines that come along with it as well. The financial fees and penalties can be enormous. A violation of the health insurance and portability and accountability act can reach up to $250,000 in 10 years in prison for each act. A violation of the Gramm Leach Bliley act can reach up to $100,000 for each act as well. So why not trust a professional to do it correctly?

Now let’s talk ethics. You also have an ethical obligation to your clients and stakeholders to properly destroy personal and proprietary information when discarding or transferring ownerships of old computers. We understand that every organization has a requirement to protect confidential information for businesses and individuals. We believe that an effective risk management process is an important component of a successful information management and disposal program. Our solutions will help you determine how to better protect your confidential information and how this information is stored, processed, and eventually destroyed by your paper shredding service provider, which is obviously us.

With all the regulations and new rules that govern from the largest to smallest the businesses in the country, American document shredding LLC can help you implement a policy to protect and comply with all federal and state laws that pertain to your specific industry. Please feel free to reach out to us at anytime if you have any comments, questions, or concerns. We are always more than happy to help. You can give us a call at 918-770-5606, or find us online at our website weshredonsite.com.