Document shredding is where we actually take sensitive documents such as banking information or health information and we dispose of it properly. We do this for 1 million different types of businesses we also do it for residential situations. We are very capable of helping you and are going to make sure that you get everything that you need. Don’t you worry about any kind of trouble with Tulsa offsite shredding and destruction because we have it under control.

There is no better time than right now to take advantage of the most amazing shredding and documentation destruction right here in the Tulsa area. We can either do it on site or we can do it on our own it doesn’t matter where we do it were going to do a great job of it and you’ll be able to see everything that you need to right here by coming in dealing with us right from the beginning.

There is no better place to come to whenever you want better Tulsa offsite shredding and destruction because we are truly going to be the best place to bring your paper to whenever you need it shredded up. If there is anyone who doesn’t know the regulations about document shredding you can truly ask us. Document shredding is again where we destroy documents whether it’s you on a hard drive or whether it’s an actual paper form and we dispose of them the right ways of that they don’t come back. Confidential information needs to be taken very seriously and were very professional whenever we handle this information to make sure that we are doing it sensitively.

If you have any questions about the wonderful service that we offer you can always ask us. We are very capable of not only answering questions that were going to be able to explain things to you so that you feel comfortable with it. Were going to also destroy the information right in front of you or we can do it off-site either one. So if you want on-site shredding you can ask us about that or if you would rather just have the Tulsa offsite shredding and destruction for you and your company and think that would work best you can ask us about that as well are more than happy to answer any questions about it.

One dollar is all you will be paying for the first month of service if you ever been here before and so you want to get in touch with us whenever you have questions about anything because we are going to do a great job of not only shredding the documents but making you feel comfortable. He been doing this for over 10 years and so everyone that comes with works with us is going to really be able to enjoy the kind of service that we are able to offer you. Give us a call today if you’d like to get in touch with us right here at 918.770.5606 or go online