Do you have unwanted documentation or items at your office? TryTulsa Paper Shredding by using American document shredding. Our company has so many great services to offer to you whether that is hard drive media destruction, one time clean out and purchase, laws and regulations we can help you. Get your first month of shredding for only one dollar. Experience the highest and most reviewed shredding company in all of Tulsa.

We know it can be a little tough. When you need to shred some paperwork or get rid of some stuff on your business computer that is why we offer those services. We know the laws and regulations when it comes to Tulsa Paper Shredding and can inform you on those. No matter the amount of paperwork you need shredded, we can take care of that for you. Our one time shredding services are designed for businesses and individuals who need a purge of their sensitive confidential documents. Whether you have a few file boxes or an entire warehouse full of documents that need to be destroyed, we will send an on-site shred truck that comes to your location and shreds all the documents quickly and efficiently.

American shredding LLC is locally owned and AAA on site certified by the national association of information destruction. SoTulsa Paper Shredding takes care of all your important documents that you need to get rid of. We will always welcome our customers to escort our service representative to the on-site shred truck to get a first hand look at the destruction of the documents and also check out our state of the shredding trucks. After we take care of your documents, we will issue you a certificate of destruction at the time of your service confirming that your material has been securely destroyed. We have no hidden charges or contract required.

Quit letting all those important documents fill up and get them taken care of today. We will come to your place of employment or house where it may be to get rid of those documents in the safest way possible. We do not make you have a contract with us when you choose to use Tulsa Paper Shredding most competitors use a contract to lock you in having you shred one to three times a year making sure that you are using their services. If you are looking for a contract, we can provide you with one of those, but it is not mandatory.

Give us a call and let us take care of all of your shredding and disposal of important documentation. You can contact us at 918-770-5607 and our amazing staff would be more than glad to help you. We are located at 7254 E. 38th St., Tulsa OK 74145 we would be more than happy to help you clear that up with those unwanted documents taking up unnecessary room.

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Do you work from home and is that confidential paperwork filling up and you don’t know how to dispose of it try out Tulsa Paper Shredding! Our American document shredding will come to your home and help dispose of those important documents by shredding it right there in front of you letting you know that it was taken care of in the proper way. All of your information is safe. It is very important to shred any documents that contain personal information, government records, utility bank statements, anything that has personal information on you don’t want to just toss in the trash.

We can work with anything whether it’s a couple boxes or a whole room full we will get it taken care of. When you use Tulsa Paper Shredding you’ll realize how amazing it is. Our team members are assisting you and disposing of those important documents. We want to keep you and your family stay and all of your clients however it may be so let us shred that sensitive information and show you when we are done, we would also be more than happy to give you a tour of our state of the shredding trucks.

Sensitive information that should not be tossed into the trash in order to keep themselves safe. When you choose to just throw away your important documents in the garbage is a risky move, it is a better option to use Tulsa Paper Shredding! Whenever you decide to just toss instead of shredding, it greatly increases your chances of identity theft. Did you know that identity theft continues to rise yearly. Did you know that one and five adults who toss important documentation in the trash experience identity theft? Let’s keep you and your family safe and shred the important documentation.

When it comes to wondering why you should Use Tulsa Paper Shredding, The reason is people should shred their documents that involve privacy concerns to keep their personal information safe. It will help reassure you that you know your information cannot be taken whenever your important documentation has been shredded. It gives you security and knowing that it was handled in the proper way. it also gives you the privilege to have peace of mind, knowing that no one can get a hold of your information. We are AAA certified with national associations, information destruction.

We would love to help you. You can contact us at 918-770-5606 and make an appointment with us. We are open from 7 AM to 3 PM Monday through Thursday. If you prefer to drop your documents off at our business location you can do that at 7254 E. 38th St., Tulsa 74145 whatever you feel more comfortable with we are here to help you. Make sure that you are shredding all of your important documentation you no longer need and keeping your identity and your families identity safe from identity thieves. It only takes one time of throwing away a document with your information on it for someone to get a hold of all of your information. Don’t take that. Chance !