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What are the benefits of shredding? Well did you know that actually $100 billion a year is lost to information thieves and there isn’t any law against dumpster diving. So is your documents and records and up in a dust dumpster, then that is free for any person looking through the traffic trash to go through. Knowing your business is confidential information in the hands of criminals, so that’s what you need to shred all of your important documents right away.

What kinds of things should you be shredding? Will definitely anything that deals with human resources, or business plans. Other examples can be market research? Charts, receipts, checks, payroll, and contract. Basically any document that has any important information linking it to individuals in your company or your company itself needs to be shredded. Because there is no better time to put it protect yourself then it right now.

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Tulsa Paper Shredding | Protect Your Information

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