When I was in college, I had a pretty nice work-study job. I spent my time performing errands, doing laundry, and helping clean up the workspace. Sometimes, they needed me to do some paper shredding. It wasn’t a problem; I was able to listen to a podcast while I was shredding. However, it took me hours. They had a lot of papers. A fortunate thing is I could’ve been using that time to do some other things that would’ve been more helpful to them if they had been able to hire a Tulsa Paper Shredding service.

Does your company have a large bucket full of papers to shred? Maybe you have more than that. That might be a severe understatement. Well, you can’t exactly send an employee to do the shredding for you; all of your guys to be working on the tasks that your business regularly works on. However, if you don’t properly take care of documentation that needs to be destroyed, you face the risk of dealing with some pretty major fines. Not to mention that patients that your documentation is to face the risk of getting their information stolen. That is why, when you get a bunch of old documents stacked up, you should look into hiring a Tulsa Paper Shredding service. American Document Shredding is the best place for you to go.

American Document Shredding has been in service and is the Tulsa Paper Shredding company of choice since 2005, working hard to make sure that all documentation is destroyed efficiently and safely. With trucks that have highly efficient documents-destruction tools, one truck can shred up to 35,000 pounds of paper per hour. That’s probably way more than the amount of paper that you need to have shredded in total, right? And, even if it isn’t, it’s still going to get the job done a whole lot faster than you ever could. On top of that, American Document Shredding is certified by the National Association for Information Destruction, so you know that American Document Shredding will always take care of your document destruction with complete legality. All of the hoops that need to be jumped through will be jumped through with ease, and you will not have to stress about potentially overlooking some obscure law.

American Document Shredding has a great deal for you. If you’d like to get a feel for how the company works with its paper destruction, you can receive your first month of shredding for only one dollar. All you have to do to make use of this service is to go online to weshredonsite.com and fill out the information box on the homepage. If you decide that you want to continue using the service after this, you can communicate with American Document Shredding about pricing and quotes from there. American Document Shredding is committed to never giving you any surprise fees or hidden costs so that you will always know upfront how much you will need to pay for your services.

If you need some sensitive information taking care of in an efficient and cost-effective manner, then you should get into contact with American Document Shredding by calling their Tulsa number, 918-770-5606, or visiting their website, weshredonsite.com.

Tulsa Paper Shredding | Trust American Document Shredding For Your Paper-shredding Needs

You have been collecting documentation for your patience for years and years, right? There to think it’s about time to start getting rid of some of those papers? If so, you’re probably going to start looking for a Tulsa Paper Shredding service. After all, you probably don’t want to try to shut all of that yourself. Not only would it be a major pain; you would probably need to do a lot of research to make sure that you are disposing of said documentation properly. As you probably know, you can’t just throw the papers in the recycling bin. That is not a secure way to get rid of sensitive information. And a regular office writer is not going to be able to effectively mangle the papers enough to keep the information from being retrieved.

If the prospect of getting rid of all of these papers is sounding scary to you, you can take a breath. There is a service that can help you. Just get to contact with American Document Shredding, the best Tulsa Paper Shredding company. No matter how many documents you have, American Document Shredding has the tools needed to get rid all of all of them properly. As they are approved by the National Association for Information Destruction, you can be sure that American Document Shredding knows exactly how to get rid of all of your documentation and a legal and safe way. If you’re wanting to avoid letting it your patients’ information get into the wrong hands or avoid getting major fines for improper documentation disposal, you know that American Document Shredding can help.

One of the best things about American Document Shredding, the best Tulsa Paper Shredding company, is that you are not required to make a contract with them in order to use our services. You can just hire them to come for a one-time purging of your documentation. They also do more than just stretcher papers; they can also destroy old hard drives that have sensitive information. Now, remember that just wiping a hard drive on your own is not enough to keep the information inside safe. There are plenty of ways to restore information that has been wiped from a hard drive. Therefore, you should trust the American Document Shredding to get rid of your information so that it cannot be exploited by criminal parties. And, since you can just hire them for one-time services, you don’t have to worry about managing any weird monthly payments. Just get everything taken care of all at once.

Whenever American Document Shredding comes, you can trust them to be able to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Their paper-destruction trucks have the capacity to shred 35,000 pounds of paper in an hour. Even in the unlikely event that you have more paper than that needs to be shredded, you don’t have to worry about it taking very long. However, if you have an obscene amount of paper that needs to be shredded, he would always take advantage of their offer to give you your first month of shredding for only one dollar. Surely, in a month, with a machine that is so efficient, you can get that backlog taken care of.

Are you ready to get into contact with the premier paper-shredding company in Tulsa? If so, just give them a call at 918-770-5606 or their website, weshredonsite.com.