If you are looking for stated art equipment and capability for Tulsa paper shredding look no farther than American document shredding we are going to be your go to for all of your office shredding needs. state of the art trucks and commitment, they are capable of shredding up to 35,000 pounds paper per hour. It these capabilities are part of what makes u your choice each and every time. We come were location. with a free lock container which you are going to Fill and say now that you have a half full container we are only going to charge you for half-full container, if you container full before scheduled time for us to come back, we are going to come we are not to charge you for off schedule visit. that is not something we do you’ll find that many of our competitors will have hidden costs and fees that we do not do it. we are also not to charge you a fuel surcharge and has been a charge at any time we do this because we value as a customer and we know that you value your customers and you take their privacy seriously

As any serious business owner or corporate manager you know that this is a very serious talk already done the risk assessment for your company also know that you know that Tulsa paper shredding is a vital part of your business. We are the absolute most trusted shredding in Tulsa. that is why we don’t charge you for any hidden fees. we are not going to tie you into a expensive contracts although we do have contracts available for your ongoing corporate needs.

When you are ready to perfect your Tulsa paper shredding please call the best in document shredding because we are going to be part of your strategy were not going to this aspect of your company anymore we’re going to take care all your shredding needs every time and you are going to sleep better at night knowing that you are in compliance with all regulation and laws in this step we are a certified and that is something that is also going to give you more time for other aspects of your business

I know you I think this is expensive but that we are less expensive than trying to shred her own materials that is because we already have the state of art equipment already have the processes and you do not want to cut corners in this department is in fact is if you do happen have some kind of breach and something happens you could be seen as negligent this is going to hurt you is can help for your revenue more importantly it may hurt your employees

For your convenience we amended a process that your very first service that is a loving one dollar at that time is decide your schedule with you and your team and give you your free container which is going to lock and stay at your premises that is also free of charge and compliments of S are here to make this process easier for you and your company. Ready to schedule your first service call or you give us a call at 877056066 or you can go to our website on the website you were to find a contact form fill that out and we will contact you we look forward to taking care of all your documents

Tulsa Paper Shredding | We Can Do Some Good Destruction

We are here to provide Tulsa paper shredding. If you are just starting out you you may not have addressed privacy matters for your company. we think about this is a crime but the people that steal identities for a living, they think of it as a income. Did you know that an estimated $300 billion was made through identity theft last year that is a large payday. here’s another number for you in 2017 was reported that 33% of adults had their identity stolen we all know this is a huge headache not to mention it may take you years months and if you’re lucky only days to find out that your identity even been stolen in the first place at that point we are not going to be the only service that you need..

While we hope this never happens you you can make sure that it never happens to you whenever you come to ask for your Tulsa paper shredding needs are going to be there for you we are going to come straight to your home or business or corporation with our state of the art truck which is capable of shredding up to 35,000 pounds per hour is not going to matter to you if you are individual although we also find that many of our individual clients they enjoy coming down and watching their selves

After we discussed shredded and destroyed their documents they go straight to our facility where they are secure and safe and to be recycled now I know you’re asked yourself why can I just recycle myself because recycling centers are not responsible for the deck for the documentation or the but they recycle the only recycle ensure that they are safe and secure the whole way through the Tulsa Paper Shredding process and that is what you need.

If you send thank to yourself right now you might be amazed to realize from a document I now that have your personal information sensitive information in your family since of sensitive information on it all create real difficulties in your family. With this is something that you never encounter never have to do with the fact is whenever back thousand 13 at 3% of adults having already done with this what are the odds that neglectful handling of your personal patient is not going to result in something that happening please don’t take that risk instead S handle this for you we’re going directly to your home and if you are an individual and you do not want to have a contract which is with reoccurring visits that’s okay we are not going to force you to do that instead we are going to sign you up for one deep hurt and that is going to help you sleep at night we think this is a great service that is to protect your family and text you and your dad.

This is increasingly important in this day and age is going digital and identity theft is getting easier and easier these days to know there is no law against dumpster diving anybody can access anything that you have discarded and it is not against them also if you are put personal information out there into your trashcan that is now public property in the sense that there is no law saying that somebody cannot retrieve it. We know that that seems odd to you but that is the facts so whenever you’re ready to call as the number is 918-770-5606 or you can always get our website@weshredon-site.com and fill out the contact form and we will call you for your free consultation together we will discuss and decide how we can service you and your imformtaion.