Reach out to our Tulsa Shredding Service company, American Document Shredding if you are looking for a company that is certified and is able to protect your information to the best of our abilities. no matter if it is paper information, information on a hard drive, or anything in between, we are happy to say that we will be able to take care of this information and properly destroy it to ensure that nobody is stealing your information. reach out to us today.

Our Tulsa Shredding Service Professionals of American Document Shredding is a proud member of the National Association for Information Destruction and we would like for you to check out that certification on our website. Whenever you see the standards and practices that we operate with, we know that you will be extremely happy with everything that we have available for you. The NAID goes above and beyond in making sure that everybody’s information is covered and that they are closely with our company and our representatives. We are always implementing the best practices to ensure that your information is safe and secure.

contact our Tulsa Shredding Service professionals if you are looking for a company that has employees who are well-trusted within the industry, and that is going to be what you are going to find at American Document Shredding. With our company, we make sure that all of our employees are NAID certified and that means that they have to pass continuous background checks. Although we do shred your information on site, we do want to make sure that our hands are as clean as possible and this means that your social security information and other information is going to be safe.

With the employees at American Document Shredding, we provide Social Security traces as well as other in-depth screens that are going to be beneficial for your confidence and our company. If you’d like to see other ways that we are always training our employees as well as providing them with the certifications that are needed, then go online to our website today. We would also like to provide you with a consultation that is going to be free for you so you have a better understanding of the benefits of using your company. The wire company is the best in the business and the rates that we have.

to schedule that free consultation with one of the representatives from American Document Shredding, be sure to give us a call today at the number 918-770-5606. Whenever you do reach out to us, we would love to give you the information that you were looking for and direct you over to our website at This website is going to show that if you submit an inquiry, one of our representatives will also be able to reach out to you. all you have to do is leave us your name, email, and phone number as well as the reason why you need to use our services and we will reach out.

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submit your Tulsa Shredding Service interest to American Document Shredding today and we know that you are going to love everything about our company. If it is your first time using our services, then we are happy to say that there are plenty of benefits and specials that would be available to you. If you were looking to receive your first month for just $1 whenever you were looking into commercial training services, then that is something that we will be able to take care of. We know that no other company can do this.

call our Tulsa Shredding Service representatives and you will see how amazing American Document Shredding is. not only are we going to provide you with professional service, but we are also going to be as friendly as possible. This is due to the fact that we are locally owned and operated and this is going to be evident. We know that whenever you work with corporations that are large and National they may be cold and off-putting, but that is not the type of experience that you are going to have with our professionals.

It is about time that you find the right Tulsa Shredding Service for your commercial needs or your residential needs. We would love to show you that American Document Shredding is everything that you need and we would love to tell you how our services mean that we are going to come on site and shed your information. you do not have to worry about us making any stops after we pick up your information and take it somewhere that you do not know about, we will do it right there in front of your very eyes. As you can see, we have commercial options available for you and residential options as well.

do not just take the word of American Document Shredding, if you’d like to see what other clients have had to say about their experience, then we have plenty of testimonials and five-star reviews available on our website. you were going to see from companies that are well known throughout the Oklahoma area that we are continuously trusted and we know that you will feel the same way. by contacting our representatives, you Are going to be one step closer to protecting your information and ensuring that you are well taken care of and all boxes have been crossed.

give us a call today at the number 918-770-5606 and one of the representatives from American Document Shredding would love to tell you all about our company and how we got our start. However, you can also find this information available on our website at This website is also where you will get to see the different reviews and testimonials that we have received from companies and individuals such as yourself. If you do not want to just look at our website, also utilize Google Review and you will be going forward with our services as soon as possible. no other company can do quite like what we can do and with the affordable rates we have.