We truly believe our Tulsa shredding service is the best in the business. We can fill all of your needs for Tulsa shredding services. You’ll choice to use our service for the same reason as an individual as for say a small company because, if you have documents that have things information like your medical rent records investments utility bills bank statements lease documents any of those things contain our personal information at that point anyone can use any of those pieces of data to then to steal your. And they’ve gotten really good at this and that is why you have to be on top of your own identity. this is all on you to subscribe to our service and take care of it before because the problem is that you’ll never need another product to protect you and to in directing identity theft stop it before it ever that is our goal for you that should be your goal for yourself.

I can’t say it enough, I was asked about Tulsa shredding service and who needs our service. would say everyone has an identity and has documents with their data on it. Everybody has it on their computer and their files at home while we understand it is important your files are also important to make sure that data does not get to the wrong person and you maybe you have all of this date locked away somewhere in boxes, no reason to have a copy of any of this in your home just waiting to be taken and used for all of the reasons.

Residential accounts are by appointment only they can always call us and schedule your pickup but you can call as we can make it with you and will we have that available between 7 AM and 3 PM Monday through Thursday any time during these times we can stop by your home and completed on-site survey shredding which you are going to be able to watch all shredded right there on the spot that point they stay locked and secured until you make it back facility and they will stay there in bed until we are ready to recycle it.

If you’re an individual and you feel like it’s going to be more cost-effective for you to just go ahead and discard your documents may be all bad maybe the bad will happen with that you know there is no law against dumpster diving that is think about also is pretty affordable we have a minimum of a point about 200 pounds of material to be shredded resident in an individual or a family. Be any search as we do not charge for a fuel surcharge or any other hidden fees we are to say that for our competitors we know that that is something that if you checked into paper shredding before is probably right but not here not with American document shredding we will not do that we will always keep our prices grounded in and the that is what will that is what we will deliver.

So give us a call scheduled into our room so we can take care schedule that appointment between 38 70 we look forward to handling all of your shredding your Tulsa shredding service needs so call at a 770-5606 or you can always got on a website which is we spent on site.com bear you’re going to find a contact form fill that out in the work and to give you to schedule your first appointment and or your free consultation

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We know that whenever you use our Tulsa shredding service you are going to find that it is the best Tulsa shredding service around. We are going to show up on time; everytime. this is not just saying that you trust our company. But we know your time is valuable. Just ask our customers, in fact we encourage you to check us out you’re going to find many testimonials from customers who have been happy served.They have the Peace of Mind knowing all of their information In our care will never fall into the hands of somebodyWhose intentions were very bad intentions. Of stealing their identity this is no longer a problem for them, imagineIf you ever had your identity stolen how much hassle and headache and absolutely devastating it can be it can change.

We all that we’ve seen the commercials, we’ve seen it happen to for the family, and pray that it never happens to us or maybe you are one of the 33% of adults who have already had their identity stolen. And you will never let this happen to you again because you already know that this is something that can affect your credit score and your ability to move through this life becomes hindered.

To that now we know we heard were stories of people going to jail because they had their identity stolen in the other person law while they were using their identity to not let this to you or your employees because guess because of the responsible business owner you know that if this happened to one of your employees because of your breach of diligence or the negligence you could be held personally responsible and if not you at least your company if you are Corporation at that point you need to also understand that each and every act could cost you as much as $250,000 and if found negligent it could be a 10 year prison on our thinking right now that seems very harsh and surely that would not happen that that is why it is not take that chance to not take the chance of your employees or managers.

We are trusted by banks were trusted by title writers we are trusted by Coldwell Banker and doctors offices because they know that we are very secure service and we handle all sensitive material and client information with the best care they know that the straight to their site they have documents that need be secured before we can get there they will have a lockbox right on their ability that we bring that is for free as part of the service they also know that if they want to they can even come outside like spreading themselves because at that point went to get shredded into a box on the truck it is not coming out until goes into secure facility and that is promising you can count on everything on time to just be the very best of the best and not have burden on their shoulders because you can sleep well whenever you know that you have passed that to us we are going to carry it well we’re going to carry with integrity and take great pride in providing Tulsa shredding service to our clients

There’s something more pride in being able to say that we have served in offices that it is very important and we are interest plants shredded and also is because like I said before if there is a breach of something like the unthinkable happens in these documents are used for business owners and executives in danger of negligent charges you want want something for your company please call at 918-770-5606 or always give us look at our website weshredonsite.com there are free consultation we look forward to working with you.