Here at American document shredding are founder offers. The absolute best Shredding Service Tulsa. Our founder Kelly worked for a company called shred on site and then recall for several years. He was one of the youngest managers in all of the shredding industry. He took his position very seriously and grew to own his own shouting company running it exactly how he wanted, taking the extra step and making sure it’s secure and safe and efficient. You will not find a better shredding company whatever Comes to getting your shredding services.

After three years of Shredding Service Tulsa Kelly decided to open his own business and continue his journey with charting. He had a dream and he made it happen. He wants to make sure that everyone in his community is keeping their identity, safe from identity thieves, and not just tossing out their important documents when no longer needed. Let us help you take care of disposing of your important documentation properly. We want to give you an experience that you truly never gonna forget, knowing that your information is safe and secure.

We have worked with individuals all the way up to big client customers such as Saint Francis Hospital, news on six and so much more we know we are capable of helping you with Shredding Service Tulsa. Your trust and show you exactly how shredding you will not find better that has better team members. We are going to try every single detail on there and keep your information after being shared in a temp proof container making sure no one has access to it. We will then take it back to her facility if you choose on site and then after that process, it is billed and ready to go to the recycling plant. All of your information clean

Although we do work with big companies, we also help the individuals who are looking for Shredding Service Tulsa ! No job is too big or too small for us. We were here to help. Make sure you have all that confidential information of your clients or even families who may be secure and safe. We look forward to having this opportunity to show you how great we truly make sure that you have the chance to experience a unique shredding company aimed to keep all of your information safe . Work with a company where you are always a priority no matter the size of the job we will make sure its safe and secure. We do our job with a passion, knowing we are able to help someone keep all their information safe is how it should be!

We would love to get you set up with your first month of only being one dollar you can do so by visiting our website at or by speaking with whenever lovely team members who are going to take very good care of you they can answer any questions or concerns you might possibly have you can give them a call at 987-705606. We are open Monday through Thursday 7 AM to 3 PM. Don’t miss out on experiencing what it’s like to be taken care of by true shredding professionals !

Shredding Service Tulsa |Established and Doing great Shredding

American document Shredding Service Tulsa is your absolute best option when it comes to getting all of your shredding needs taken care of or even destroying your hard drive. Do you have any company phone or phone? Do you no longer use it but you’ve wiped it clean and so a little worried about someone I can get what you should be because hackers can pull up information that has been white, clean list destroy it and take the proper precautions and making sure that all of your information is secure and safe

Did you know that we are more than just Shredding Service Tulsa? do you have an old computer to destroy along with that phone or tablet whatever it may be we’re here to help you when it comes to making sure no one has access to any of your confidential information whether it’s private, families, customers, clients, or even employees we are here to make sure that you were able to keep everyone around you safe. We have been established for over 20 years which is great and we have learned the way of taking the extra step and keeping all your information safe. We will never give up and we always want to grow and expand our knowledge on doing everything possible to keep you safe.

Our staff is here and ready to help you. We use a NAID certified baking method when it comes to our Shredding Service Tulsa. We are locally owned and the leading shredding comedy. We have the highest rating and most reviews because of the great measures we take and taking care of our customers in our community. We want to assure you that you are gonna have the greatest experience being able to have a peace of mind, knowing that all your information was properly disposed of.

We recycle all of our materials doing our part for the environment along with you allowing a part for the environment. It’s a win-win for everyone. Shredding Service Tulsa All of our employees are NAID certified and must pass continuous background, checks, Social Security traces and other in depth screening. Make sure that you know employees are very well trained, qualified and not going to any extra stress. If we can trust them we can trust them with yours.

Let’s get you scheduled for your first month of shredding for only one dollar you can give us a call at 918-770-5606 or set up an appointment to drop off your confidential documents at our location in Tulsa at 7254 E. 38th St., Tulsa OK 74145 we look forward to shredding all of your important documentations and keeping all of that information secure and safe.