Shredding Service Tulsa is here to make all of your papers shredding service needs simple and easy. We’re here to take care of you, our client. Since 2005, we have been the leading on-site document destruction service in the Oklahoma and surrounding areas. We have fine-tuned our ability to provide our customers with timely and friendly service. We had gain customer such as St. Francis Hospital, new on 6, and so many more. We are committed to protecting vital information of individuals of businesses and families alike. We take our job seriously.

We, Shredding Service Tulsa, are here to help you avoid liability with proper document shredding laws. Not knowing these laws does not relieve your business of legal and financial consequences. There are many laws in effect require businesses to protect the privacy of their clients. Breaking these laws is as easy as throwing a piece of paper in the trash that has private information on it. We can help you establish the correct document retention and treading policies and practices for your business. Please note, that this is only a general guide in each day, industry, and companies actual. Guidelines must be determined individually. Consideration should be federal and state guidelines as well as your own operational needs. You may need to consult your legal advisor for a more detailed guide.

An interesting fact we like to share here at Shredding Service Tulsa is that an estimated $100 billion a year is lost to identity thieves. Did you know that there are no laws against dumpster diving? Upon standard disposal document, your company loses claim to its privacy. All businesses have confidential information that require shredding. So why would you trust a professional. Choosing not to shut the potentially costly new clients in revenue. And recycling is not an adequate solution for information destruction. Recycling companies are not responsible for information contained with discarded materials. Paper is given away or sold and, in doing so, you give up the right to its control. The acceptable paper is stored for indefinite periods until there is enough of a particular type to process. The still in that paper is then sold to the highest bidder. I.e. your information is sold to the highest bidder.

We’re here to take away all of the legal worries, and give you the confidence to continue running your business. We can take care of all your shutting needs, literally all of them. From files and records, personal files, bank statements, photographs, market research, proposals and quotes, brochures and stationery, to even pay stubs. But it is in their. We can also destroy charge, presentation, tax records, client was, receipts and invoices, canceled checks, new product information, payroll records, and correspondence letters. Oh wait, it doesn’t end there. We also can get rid of patient records, credit card information, contract, R&D data, price and inventory list, business plans, audits, and all of your market research. See? Literally everything.

Feel free to reach out to us anytime if you have any comments, questions, or concerns. We are always happy to help. You can give us a call it 918-770-5606, or check us out on online website

Shredding Service Tulsa

We understand at Shredding Service Tulsa that the day-to-day functions of any business will produce a large amount of information that could be used against your business by its competitors. Using our service is an easy and affordable way to ensure that your documents are properly protected. The choice to recycle as a means of information destruction is undesirable from a management perspective. Let us protect your information by properly destroying sensitive and critical documents. There are number of factors to consider before shredding documents in your own facility, so that the professionals help.

Let’s jump right into some of the frequently asked questions we get here at Shredding Service Tulsa. Do we provide collection containers question yes. We provide the size and type of containers over the suit your volume needs and environmental needs. This of course is free of charge. Do our containers have locks on them? Yes, locking containers are recommended. However, if you need containers without locks, we can provide you with those also. Can you keep your boxes? Yes, or we can recycle them for you. Letter office and I want to schedule if that is something you desire.

What happens if our, Shredding Service Tulsa, just call us. We will happily come out early and you don’t have to worry about getting an extra surprise trip charge. Unlike our competitors, there are no other charges besides our standard prorated charges. With over two decades of experience, our industry feedback has proven that charging by the container is the most bare approach. This allows for a flat and reasonable rate for you. What is our lead time? Well that depends on the size of the job. We can sometimes get to the same day you call in, but most jobs are usually no more than two days.

Do you need to sort anything? No prep work is necessary. You do not need to remove paperclips, rubber bands, staples, binder clips, or any other type of fasteners. Our state-of-the-art trucks can handle it all. Speaking of our charts, can you watch the materials be destroyed? Not only yes, but we encourage our clients to come and watch the process for themselves. What do you do with the shredded paper? We recycle 100% of the shredded paper, saving thousands of trees per year. And through our process, you can be confident that your documents have been properly destroyed so nothing can put them back together. Do you have files to be shredded, but need time to sort through them? No need to worry there. We can drop off as many containers as he will need to sort your files. And they will, and destroy the ones you don’t.

We look forward to being able to work with you and servicing all of your paper for the needs. These feel free to reach out to us at any time if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. We are always happy to help. You can give us a call at 918-770-5606. We can check us out on online website where you can find all of our services, testimonials, and so much information.