Decided that you need to do something about the large amounts of our paper documents that you dispose of at your company or in your property that probably has sensitive data that you should look into disposing of professionally, the first app is finding the right company. If you’ve done a Google search for local shredding services Tulsa, then it is likely that our name here training companies come up to lesson that is simply because we are the highest and most reviewed of any document training company in Tulsa. We are the most trusted for sure as we been trusted for several years already by companies like St. Francis hospitals, of these casinos, and AAA insurance. Among others, these companies have trust us for years to dispose of any of their sensitive information that includes paper documents as well as hard drive or storage media.

Once you made the commitment to shredding services Tulsa, and you’ve done your due diligence, and you realize that we are the best option in Tulsa and even Oklahoma City, then all you have to do is take the next step and give us a call. It’s very easy, with the reviews you should build to find our number quite easily but you can call us directly at 918-770-5606, and if you’d like you can also check out our website first for a little bit more information. Surrounds out all the information you may need to make a decision because you’ll be impressed by the amount of services that we actually provide and are committed to customer service.

Once you have taken that step to the best shredding services Tulsa has to offer, then all you have to do is speak to us and a consultation for an estimate and figure out what time is going to be best for you for us to pick up. Need to establish a time for us to come by our regular basis at a regular time so that we can schedule one of our five shredding trucks to come by and shred your documents on site. That’s really all it takes if you need document shredding, but we can also talk about hard drive disposals well. We can provide those services for people that need it and we will do so by our own high standards and also by the national standard, and we will also provide you with consulting services when needed as well.

After you’ve taken that step you also learn about what we can do for you as a person who is elected receive continuous service from us because we can provide you incredible incentives by giving you your first month of service from us for just one dollar. That would make any business owner decided to know that they are saving money right out of the gate.

If you’re interested in the service that we can provide to you and you’re ready to reach out and don’t hesitate and take that step in to give us a call at 918-770-5606. Also don’t hesitate to take your time and look information about us on our own website at website and be sure to check out the customer testimonials you can find there as well.

Shredding Services Tulsa | Check Out The Extent Of Our Services

If you’re looking for shredding services Tulsa, but you’re also looking for a document shredding company do a little bit above and beyond and do more than just read your documents but can also provide you things like consulting, or hard our disposal, or even residential service, then you want to look at American Document Shredding directly. American Document Shredding does all this and we do so with better commitment to customer service and safety and security anybody else. We have been in business since 2000 and find founded specifically back in my founder slowly needed Tulsa for a document shredding company paid closer attention to customer service and provided a better touch to their service than the ones that were offering service at the time.

To that end we want to make sure that we offer you all possible variations of information disposal services, and we also do so with a greater differences on 16 security and customer service for any of the shredding services Tulsa related activities. The bread-and-butter of what we do here of course is a document shredding or paper shredding which we can do easily inconveniently. All you have to do is give us a call to set that up, and we can provide you with an estimate consultation and discuss with you what time is the most convenient for us to come by. We can schedule a convenient time it’s my one of our five shredding trucks that are on a regular rotation and routine, they can come by and shred your documents right there on site in front of your very eyes. It’s that simple, and it really does not to get too complicated even though there are certain standards and procedures we do follow according to the national standards in our own standards. NAID is the national standard which is the national Association of information destruction.

If you need service beyond that never include more than shredding services Tulsa like hard drive disposal, then we can offer that in spades as well. We use the same standards from an NAID to take care of our drive disposal that would include secure hard drive destruction procedures that we follow, using data disintegration equipment, and also followed by the physical destruction of the hardware itself. In addition to the hard drive disposal, the documentary we can also provide you with compliance consulting as well. We offer several options for security bins to place your documents or drives in, and no we also will provide you with formal risk assessment facility strategy to help demise your risk or mitigate your risk and we can also provide you with information compliance development, training and education for you and your employees or your staff.

We offer all these things on a commercial level but we can also do document shredding and harder disposal for residential services as well. Just call the make an appointment any for 918-770-5606. Also keep in mind the fact that whenever you come to us as a new customer we will provide your first service for just one dollar to make sure that we are offering a greater value as well.

If you’re interested in any of our services that don’t have data get touch with us at 918-770-5606 set up a consultation or an estimate, and you can also find more information out for yourself by going directly to our website at to find out more on your own.